"Hurley's Handouts" is an orchestral piece on the Season 2 soundtrack. It began as a survivors' theme, and even played during the show's final scene; but it spent most of the series as Hurley's character theme.

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Fed up with his job of managing the food supply, Hurley gives it to the entire beach camp, letting them feast. Charlie gets the peanut butter he requested, and he gives it to Claire. Shannon shares food with Vincent. Jack and Kate eat together.

Meanwhile, Sun buries the bottle of messages Claire found in the sand.

In the tailies' camp, Bernard asks Michael and Sawyer about Rose. Rose saves an Apollo candy bar for Bernard, knowing they will reunite.

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"Hurley's Handouts" develops Hurley's theme. It also contains elements heard in the departure theme.


"Closure", "Hurley's Helping Hand", "The Lone Hugo", "A Memorable Kiss", "Moving On" and "The Stick With Me Speech" use the theme from "Hurley's Handouts".

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