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Before The Crash

  • His family: Grandfather is named Tito, Mother is named Carmen Reyes (born September 23rd), has a brother named Diego.
  • Spent time in Santa Rosa Mental Institute as a patient
    • Was treated for post-traumatic-stress syndrome with mild schizophrenia caused by the Collapsing Deck Accident he thinks he caused by his weight
    • Created an imaginary friend, Dave (see gallery below), who helped him cope with the accident but at the same time is a destructive influence to him. Dave also seems to encourage Hurley to eat more, causing an eating disorder.
  • During Hurley's stay, Libby is seen as a patient at the institute.
  • Won $114 million in a lottery with numbers he obtained from Leonard in a mental institution: 4 8 15 16 23 42
  • By the time of Flight 815, this money had increased to close to $156 million (due to investments and insurance claims of a company of his that burned to the ground)
  • The people around him seem to have suffered from bad luck after his lottery win: grandfather died, new house burned, mom broke her ankle, mistaken for a drug-dealer, meteorite hit chicken hut he worked in
  • Believes the numbers to be the source of that bad luck
  • Claims to have placed 17th in a backgammon tournament
  • Bought a box company in Tustin, California with his winnings, which may be the box company Locke worked for.
  • Gave his old boss Randy at Mr. Clucks a job at the box company, where he was Locke's boss.
  • Traced the Numbers to another unlucky man, Sam Toomey, in Australia
  • Almost missed the flight, but tenaciously made it on board in spite of several omens warning him to stay off the plane
  • Brought the comic book on the plane.
  • Had to buy an extra ticket "for a man of his size" due to Oceanic Airlines policy.
    • Why would multi-millionaire Hugo buy an economy-class ticket? A first-class seat would be more fitting both to his size and financial status. The same question could be asked of 'successful' surgeon, Jack -- Business Class at the very least!
      • Perhaps because there were no more first class seats? Shannon and Boone couldn't get their seats in first class, either.
      • Maybe he doesn't like to flaunt his cash; either due to modesty or fear of the numbers.
  • Worked at Mr. Clucks Chicken Shack with his friend Johnny before winning the lottery
  • Had a crush on a girl named Starla who worked at a nearby music store
  • Stayed at the same hotel as Charlie in room 2342
  • Appears on TV, during a Jin flashback, when Jin delivers the message of his boss

On The Island

  • His laid-back humor keeps the survivors' spirits up
  • Early on, is often seen listening to his CD player
  • Secretly believes his bad luck caused the crash of Flight 815, though the true cause was revealed in Live Together, Die Alone.
  • Just after the crash took responsibility for collecting and distributing the food from the airplane.
  • Owes Walt $20,000 total for losing in backgammon (later said to be $83,000 in ...In Translation).
  • Developed two-hole island golf course.
  • Took a census of the survivors, revealing Ethan Rom wasn't on plane.
  • When he sees the numbers on the documents that Sayid took from Rousseau, he sets off on his own to find her, only to be followed by Jack, Charlie, and Sayid
  • Hugs Rousseau when she agrees that the numbers are indeed bad luck, as that's all they ever brought her
  • Was on the team that went to the Black Rock to get the dynamite
  • Panicked when he saw the numbers on the mysterious hatch right before Locke blew it open
  • When hyper-ventilating, he recites the numbers
  • Tasked with food inventory in the hatch
  • Due to stress, he almost blows up the food with a stick of the dynamite, but is talked out of it by Rose
  • Throws a Feast with the food from The Swan hatch because it wouldn't have lasted more than a few days with forty-plus people, believing it would cause less conflict as well
  • Speaks Korean to Jin in one of his dreams
  • Took the radio Bernard found in the Arrow bunker and gave it to Sayid
  • Had a developing relationship with Libby
  • Has a secret stash of food, that Sawyer knows about which includes: DHARMA Ranch Dressing, chips, Peanut Butter, and Apollo candy bars.
  • Tried but failed to talk Sawyer out of killing a Tree Frog after he helped him find it
  • Due to running out of his clonazepam medication, his eating disorder resurfaces and he starts imagining Dave again.
  • Destroys his food stash at Libby's urging.
  • Asks Sawyer for clonazepam. Sawyer makes a joke out of this and Hurley attacks him.
  • Is about to jump off a cliff with Dave, but is stopped by Libby who kisses him.
  • After being reluctant to join Michael to go to the Others' camp, he reconsiders after Libby's funeral.
  • In Live Together, Die Alone, Hurley and Sawyer hear a bird say Hurley's name.
  • Is captured by the Others but then purposely let free. He is told to tell the remaining survivors at the camp to not follow the Others.
    • Is sent back to camp with the knowledge that a bearing of 325 is the way off the island.


  • Something or someone doesn't want Hurley on the island, possibly because of his knowledge and fear of the Numbers. First huge obstacles were thrown up to prevent him from getting on the flight, then Dave tries to get him to commit suicide.
  • Libby has been stalking him since his days at Santa Rosa
  • Is part of the Others group. Either working with or took the name Hugo Reyes after obtaining the manifest - which allowed him to send detailed information back to the Others.
  • He's working with the others. This would explain why he goes free when captured, agrees to go with Michael to rescue Walt/avenge Libby, and how Michael's list has Sawyer's real name which few besides Hurley knew (he had the flight manifest). Didn't take a gun when offered, didn't take revenge on Michael even though this is the reason why he went. This might also explain why he was not shot with the darts, why the bird knew his name, and why he's had access to more food than anybody else.
    • Was particularly selected by the Others as a messenger because he was non-violent, well-liked, and credible with the other crash survivors.
  • Some people believe that Hurley's purpose on the island will become more paramount, partly because of the mystical Hurley bird.
  • Hurley's curse will protect him from harm (physical), because if he was dead he could not suffer from the curse. So he can only die by his own hands or possibly old age which would be very extensive.


  • While running through the airport to reach his gate, several soccer (football) players have white on blue all the numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) in sequence.