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Hugh McIntyre was the Communications Director of the Hanso Foundation, in the storyline of the alternate reality game The Lost Experience, and made several "real" appearances: He wrote to dismiss the "false information" made in the novel Bad Twin by means of a public announcement in national (USA) newspapers on May 9, 2006. He also appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! television program.

According to Persephone, he cheated on his wife but this has been refuted by him on the program. However, new information from Rachel Blake revealed that he has been having an extramarital affair with the Corporate Liaison of the Global Welfare Consortium, Darla Taft, who turned out to be GidgetGirl, one of Rachel Blake's informants.

McIntyre died along with Taft in an automobile 'accident'. See Rachel Blake's post for more information on their deaths. McIntyre was married and apparently had a daughter named Megan.


"A veteran U.N. translator with an extensive background in public relations, Communications Director Hugh McIntyre serves as the public voice of The Hanso Foundation.

Abiding by his motto, "accuracy and transparency above all," McIntyre ensures The Hanso Foundation's global partnerships are maintained with the same respect Alvar Hanso has for humanity as a whole.

Deeply committed to family values, McIntyre sits on the boards of several international family organisations and ensures that the message of The Hanso Foundation in always in alignment with its founder's mission." (from www.thehansofoundation.org)


May 2nd/3rd

On the Hanso Phone Line, Hugh McIntyre leaves an answering machine message:

Hi, this is Hugh McIntyre, Vice President and Communications Director of the Hanso Foundation.
I'll return to the office in two weeks. If you're calling about the inquiry into the Korean offshore project, please hang up and contact our legal department.
To hear more information about Joop, the world's oldest orangutan, please refer to our website: thehansofoundation.org.
Thank you, and, namaste.

Also of interest is a message from "Darla", saying "Hugh, it's Darla. I need to talk to you about Sri Lanka, it just isn't right."

May 5th

Part one of McIntyre's press release

A press release was added to the main Hanso Foundation site, viewable here. In the release, Hugh apologized for recent vandal activity on the Hanso website, promising to right the problems as quickly as possible.

May 12th

A letter dated May 9th was discovered, sent from McIntyre to Robert Miller, head of Hyperion Publishing, demanding a public apology for allegations against the Hanso Foundation, insinuated by the novel Bad Twin. See Hyperion Publishing for the full letter.

May 17th

Images seen during the hack

On the Hanso Foundation website, Persephone devoted a full hack to Hugh McIntyre. Her hack was accessible under his profile, using the password "the mouthpiece". This opened a flash video giving evidence that Hugh was having an extra-marital affair. Photos and a short video showed Hugh with his mistress, and hotel and shop receipts backed up the claim.

(Entering the password causes the text on Hugh's profile "Deeply committed to family values" to become highlighted. Clicking this brings up a flash film with Persephone text next to it) Hey, look what I found....

Loading London capture 05/17/06

(A video shows Hugh and a woman walking around town laughing and holding each other as an audio of Hugh can be heard)

Hugh: No, no, I just can't make it home. Yeah, the conference, it went an extra day. Tell Megan that I, [inaudible].

Credit cards, bills and other items begin to fall down on the screen. Touching them with the mouse reveals restaurant and hotel receipts showing Hugh was in London spending large amounts of cash on romantic gestures when he was supposed to be at a conference. Some of the billed items also include women's beauty sessions, ear accessories, Prada pour elle and dresses

May 24th

McIntyre appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, Wednesday, May 24th 2006. Below is the full video, with notes underneath showing key points.

  • When questioned about the difference in his appearance on the website compared to the show, he blamed the webmaster for the error, stating that the individual pictured on the website was his predecessor.
  • He has claimed to have met Alvar Hanso.
  • He says everything on Lost is completely fictional and that neither the Hanso Foundation nor the DHARMA Initiative have anything to do with the Island or anything else on the series. He also reveals that the Initiative's funding was cut in 1987.
  • Tried to watch the show, but admitted it was "too confusing."
  • Called Persephone "mischievous" and said the video of him allegedly cheating on his wife was not him.
  • Talked about Joop and the Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program.
  • Interestingly, even though the interview is listed as "Live from Copenhagen, Denmark," there is no delay between Jimmy Kimmel asking a question and Mr. McIntyre answering it, as you would expect from a satellite signal (they often even talk over each other), which would seem to indicate that Mr. McIntyre was more likely in the studio and the whole thing was a put-on. To add to the reality, McIntyre says "Good morning" to Kimmel.
  • Was responsible for revamping the Hanso website.
  • Denied accusations of having an affair.

June 21st

Photo 1

In her third Copenhagen blog, Rachel Blake continued the subject of Hugh's infidelity by publishing pictures she had taken of him and his mistress in Copenhagen. The pictures showed a comparison between the mistress and Hugh's wife, clearly different individuals. They also showed that the mistress was a liaison with the Global Welfare Consortium - a group supposed to regulate companies like the Hanso Foundation. Rachel wrote about her concern that the Foundation was trying to silence the influence of the GWC by infiltrating it.

Rachel was asked by an unknown user to remove the images. It was later revealed that this user was Darla Taft, the mistress she had photographed. Darla helped Rachel learn more about the Foundation, using her influence with Hugh.

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

July 14th

In her first France blog, Rachel learned that Darla and Hugh had both been killed in a car "accident". In her video, Rachel read out the story from an Internet article:

McIntyre, 38, communications director of the philanthropic non-profit the Hanso Foundation apparently lost control of the vehicle. Officials pulled his body and that of Darla Taft, corporate liason for the Global Welfare Consortium from the submerged car initial ruling is that the crash was accidental.

Rachel surmised that the crash was no accident, and that the Hanso Foundation had learned of Darla's betrayal and killed both she and Hugh to tie up loose ends.

July 21st

Hugh's note to Darla

After a tip off from a contact, Rachel visited Darla and Hugh's secret flat. In her blog, she posted a video of herself creeping round the apartment. On the table she finds a note written by Hugh to "Gidget", seemingly a message he left for Darla the day he died:

Heading to the racket club, didn’t wanna wake you. Can you be ready by three? I’ll swing round and pick you up. Hugh.

Rachel then finds a videotape from Darla, which she had intended for her to find before losing her life. On the tape, Darla appears, and mentions Hugh directly (see full video):

By the time you watch this, I’ll have left the bloody country, I’ll have left him, I’ll have run. I made you an ID pass, use it. Mittelwerk’s about to do something awful Rachel, er I’m not quite sure what but, I know you, you’ll find out. Just one last bit, erm. If Hugh’s still, you know, around. Look, I know how you feel about his people and about us but, I love him Rachel – there’s still a good man in there. He got caught up but he’s been helping me. Sri Lanka was the last job for him too, and, believe it or not but, he’s been protecting you. Mittelwerk’s convinced, at least for now. He doesn’t want a martyr on his hands. But that doesn’t mean he won’t change his mind. Especially after you uncover what’s happening in Sri Lanka.


Hugh McIntyre, as seen in his executive bio from thehansofoundation.org.

  • The "Hugh McIntyre" photo on the Hanso Foundation website was different to the man who appeared in the Jimmy Kimmel interview. During the interview, McIntyre said that this is not a picture of himself, but rather a picture of his predecessor. In actuality, the creators of The Lost Experience simply sourced this photo, as well as several others, from pre-existing image stock.
  • Has a picture of Peter Thompson's signature in his email inbox which is a different signature than the Peter Thompson signature on the DaimlerChrysler Fleet Operations contract in Peter Thompson's inbox.

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