This information was revealed through the semi-canonical Lost video game
Lost: Via Domus
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Hotel Persephone is a hotel in Sydney, Australia, seen in Elliott's flashbacks in the storyline of the video game Lost: Via Domus. ("Hotel Persephone")  ("Whatever It Takes") Lisa and Savo are at the hotel at the same time. Hurley, Michael, and Eko also stayed there. Persephone is also an alias used by Rachel Blake.

The Opal Suite (Suite 42)

The Opal Suite (a.k.a Suite 42), is Savo's hotel room during the Lost: Via Domus game timeline and is the location where Elliott spies on Savo trading a chrome briefcase with Mittelwerk that has the Hanso Foundation label located on the front of it. While spying on them, Elliott learns that the Chenchey Institute and Hanso Foundation have made a deal regarding sarin gas for Savo's ESP experiments. During the time he is listening in on this conversation Elliott captures a picture on his camera of Beady Eyes killing Lisa who was a hostage at the time due to Elliott's betrayal. ("Worth A Thousand Words")

Hotel guestbook


The Hotel Persephone guestbook was located next to the receptionist in "Hotel Persephone" and "Whatever It Takes".


There is a central loft that overlooks the hotel lobby. Both Hurley and Eko were seen here. ("Hotel Persephone") ("Whatever It Takes")


Picture Name First seen Last seen Reason for Visit
Elliott Maslow "Hotel Persephone" "Worth A Thousand Words" Following Lisa and investigating Savo.
Lisa Gellhorn "Hotel Persephone" "Worth A Thousand Words" Investigating Savo.
Zoran Savo "Hotel Persephone" "Worth A Thousand Words" Stayed in the Opal Suite and did a deal with Mittelwerk.
Beady Eyes "Hotel Persephone" "Worth A Thousand Words" Assisted Savo.
Bodyguard "Hotel Persephone" "Whatever It Takes" Protected the elevator for Savo.
Viadomus mittlewerk.gif
Thomas Mittelwerk "Worth A Thousand Words" "Worth A Thousand Words" Did a deal with Savo.
Hugo Reyes "Hotel Persephone" "Hotel Persephone" Appeared overlooking the lobby on the loft.
Eko "Whatever It Takes" "Whatever It Takes" Appeared overlooking the lobby on the loft.
Michael Dawson "Whatever It Takes" "Whatever It Takes" Appeared eating lunch outside the hotel.


Mandarin via domus.jpg
  • The Opal Suite is a possible reference to Opal, a DHARMA Initiative nurse seen in "The Man Behind the Curtain".
  • When Mittelwerk is talking to Savo, there is a painting in the background of Chinese characters (風力財, fēng lì cái). The characters translate as "wind", "strength/power" and "money/wealth".
  • If this is the canonical hotel that Hurley and Michael stayed at, this would mean that Charlie, Steve, and Walt also stayed there.
  • Near the elevators, there is a sign that reads Paik Industries - meeting room A.

Unanswered questions

  • Is there a connection between Rachel Blake (aka Persephone) and the hotel?