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Hospital may refer to:

Hospitals referenced in The Lost Experience include:

  • Numerous Hanso-run facilities related to organ donation and harvesting.
  • An unnamed hospital in Madrid where Alvar Hanso was given emergency treatment after a collapse by a physician named Eliza Vasquez.
  • Numerous Hanso hospitals in Africa, including in Cape Town, Banjul (Makerere Hospital), Somalia (Mogadishu Hospital), Ethiopia, and Guinea (Conakry Hospital).
  • A Louisiana hospital mentioned by Janelle Granger
  • The Alvar Hanso Cancer Center in Geneva, where Peter Thompson's inoperable cancer was treated.
  • Sanremo Mercy Memorial Hospital in Italy, where Thomas Mittelwerk received vaccinations and a full blood transfusion, under the auspices of the Alvar Hanso Center for Advanced Medical Sciences.
  • The Vik Institute in Iceland, a mental health facility being used secretly for research into solving the Valenzetti equation.
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