This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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Hoo-Goh Choi (최후고) is a minister of South Korea where the Hanso Foundation is running an offshore research station, in the storyline of the alternate reality game the Lost Experience.

Choi wrote to Thomas Mittelwerk, complaining of numerous disruptions caused by the construction of an off-shore antenna.

In this letter, it is revealed that the Foundation has set up an offshore electromagnetic research facility which is causing many abnormalities around that area. Local communications facilities have been disrupted and marine wildlife have been affected. It is also added that he had been telling the government that the Foundation's research was outside national interests.

He thus needed to present an accounting of the Foundation's activities, and demanded a response within 48 hours or he would be forced to take up the matter with his superiors.

Later in the Lost Experience, a ROT thread discussed Korean food and mentioned "hoo-gonchoi". This actually is not a food, and stood out considering it seemed a reference to the minister. It was revealed that "hoo-gonchoi" was in fact specifically added as the secret password for a Rachel Blake video.

ERI Choi Letter
The letter from Minister Choi.

Letter Text

The letter was originally presented in flash video and can be difficult to read direct from screencap. Below is a text copy for resource use

... believe this is something we can both agree on...

Dr. Mittelwerk, in recent years, my honorable government has turned a blind eye to the questionable activities of your off-shore research station due to the lucrative business partnerships the Hanso Group has offered the proud people of this nation. Your joint venture with Paik Motors, for example, is a matter of great national pride, and we wish to continue doing that level of business with your firm.

However, I need to present my superiors with an accounting of your activities. Since the construction of your offshore antenna, we have had numerous disruptions in the local telecommunications infrastructure, the navigational systems of our fishing fleets and even our ability to access our satellites from the area appear to be imparied.

Additionally, we have begun to receive reports of deformed fish and other aberrant changes in the wildlife around your electromagnetic research facility. Given this, it is simply impossible for me to continue to tell my government that your research is outside of our national interest.

My influence in parliament is not unlimited. If this scandal over your off-shore antenna project reaches a national scale, I fear the Hanso Group's fiduciary role will be severely crippled, and your multi-million dollar research venture may be forced into open international waters or even fired upon by naval units.

Consider this warning to be light in animus, but weighty in its urgency. I require a response within the next 48 hours or I shall be forced to take up the matter with my superiors.


Hoo-Goh Choi

Ministry of _______ (blotched out)

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