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Ho`oulu Lāhui document

The Ho`oulu Lāhui document was one of the many documents found in the DHARMA van along with the road map and Roger. The document has "Ho`oulu Lāhui" as a header next to some sort of logo and appears to be a memo from someone named Susan. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")

Ho`oulu Lāhui is a Hawaiian language phrase with many meanings from "raise a nation" to "grow a species".

Script co-ordinator Gregg Nations has confirmed that the document was simply an arbitrary prop with no relevance to the Lost universe.

An excerpt from

Ho'oulu Lahui
Pahoa, HI
Ho'oulu Lahui, an educational nonprofit organization in Hawaii seeks to perpetuate cultural traditions and practices of the ancient Hawaiians. By embracing traditional concepts and merging them with the latest in technology, its goal is a sustainable community living in harmony with the environment. The organization's 600 coastal acre land base includes an ancient Hawaiian village that serves as a cultural and environmental learning center. Ho'oulu Lahui's partnership with Kua oka La Public Charter school includes plans for the first totally driven solar school in the state of Hawaii. Ho'oulu Lahui is an exemplary environmental model for educational agencies. Among its activities, it partners with college students on forest management and hosts students, families and educators from across the world on its solar program and other environmental practices.


  • Ho`oulu Lāhui is the name of an educational nonprofit organization in Pahoa, Hawaii that "seeks to perpetuate cultural traditions and practices of ancient Hawaiians" and "merges traditional concepts with current technology to create a sustainable community living in harmony with the environment".
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