Reference to the Hilton Tool & Machine Co. is made in "Deus Ex Machina". In the episode a long thin box is seen in the Nigerian Beechcraft (as Locke enters the plane) with the following information stenciled on the side:

BRONX 60, N. Y.
DIN (followed by an illegible 5 digit number)
PIN (followed by a longer illegible combination)


  • Although the company is clearly fictional, there is a real Hilton Tool & Die Corp. in Rochester, New York, and a Hilton Tool Company Inc. in Clackamas, Oregon.
  • "BRONX 60, N. Y." is a old style postal zone code in New York. The modern ZIP code for Bronx 60 is Bronx 10460.
  • It is likely that "DIN" & "PIN" each refer to a type of "Identification Number" used by the company to codify its goods. What the full abbreviations stand for is unknown.
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