"Hide and Snitch" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. It serves as a suspense theme for Widmore.

Scene description

The Man in Black reaches the dock by the Barracks and approaches. Zoe tells Widmore, who accepts Ben's invitation to use his hidden room. Ben himself decides to face the Man in Black, Richard decides to speak to him and Miles opts to flee to stay alive.

Rather than talk to Richard, the Man in Black, as the monster, throws him across the yard. He then approaches Ben, who freely divulges Widmore's location.

Full list of appearances

The new motif from "Hide and Snitch" plays during the following scenes:


The piece begins with its own motif. It then plays the monster's first motif which later blends with the piece's motif and then Ben's theme. It then plays a section of the Others' main motif. The last movement begins with Locke's motif and ends with the new motif.

Title significance

The title references the game hide and seek. Widmore hides. Ben "snitches" on him - he reveals where he's hiding.

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