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Hi-ReS! (Handsome Information - Radical Entertainment Systems) is a design firm based in the United Kingdom that was hired by ABC to create the website thehansofoundation.org, along with all other in-game sites and blogs as part of the Lost Experience. However, the WHOIS information for the website does not list Hi-ReS!.

Hi-ReS! also created Channel 4's (United Kingdom) flash interactive game, Lost The Untold, on its website that allows users to "Delve into the subconcious" of Lost. The game contains unofficial clues, and is extremely deep in its analysis.

Hi-ReS! creating part of Lost: The Untold

Lost projects

Taken from the Hi-ReS! book, "Amantes sunt Amentes":

Lost Untold
Our first collaboration with Channel 4 was for the UK launch of ABC's hit series LOST. As we didn't want to give away the plot, we created a 6-week long episodic online narrative which aimed to explore the elements that you don't see on the island: the characters' dreams and their unconscious and the reality they left behind. Channel 4 supported the site with a dedicated phoneline you could call to retrieve weekly clues and passwords for the site and even got their news team to produce a fake news report for us.

Lost Experience
After seeing what we had created with Lost Untold, ABC and the producers of LOST approached Channel 4 and us to help them create something that would serve as a bridging narrative between seasons 2 and 3 in the US and as a promotion during the airing of season 2 in the UK (and Australia). 7 months and countless midnight conference calls later, we had finished our first proper alternate reality game AND learned how to read base64.

From May to October 2006, we worked with the creators of LOST and ABC, Channel 4 and Australia's Channel 7 to develop an extensive alternate reality game called the Lost Experience. The experience involved numerous websites, fake ads on TV and in the main US newspapers, live TV appearances of characters in the experience, clues that were seeded in locations all over the world and even the manufacture of the Apollo chocolate bar as seen in the show.


Owing to the predominantly online nature of the experience, combined with the different scheduling of the main TV show in each of the 3 territories, America and Australia were both significantly ahead of the UK in their linear broadcast, so we had to ensure that the information revealed in the Lost Experience remained completely separate from the narrative of the programme. This was no mean feat but one achieved by minute attention to detail and careful planning. The fans themselves were also responsible for creating countless blogs and numerous podcasts all developed to help solve clues and complete the investigation.


  • Attempts to go to the secure HTTPS version of the new site initially displayed a Plesk error page with a hi-res.net email address as the administrative contact. (As of May 4, the HTTPS page is no longer accessible.) Hi-ReS! was previously responsible for the Lost section of Britain's Channel 4 website. It is highly unlikely that the error page is related to the Lost Experience ARG — but devoted fans still poured over other sites by Hi-ReS! for clues nonetheless.
  • Nicky, a panellist on the UK Lost podcast, worked with Hi-ReS! during the project, as revealed by Speaker in his September 27th blog [1]. This would explain why Nicky often gave Lost Experience summaries on the show, as she would have been directly involved with the game's development.
  • When you click on the link titled "The Lost Experience" on Hi-ReS's site, it links to Lostpedia's article on the Lost Experience.
  • An interview with Experience writer Jordan Rosenberg posted in July 2008 stated that Hi-ReS! also created the oceanic-air.com website, and it was this success that then got them the whole Lost Experience contract [2].

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