"Here Today, Gone to Maui" is an orchestral piece on the Season 3 soundtrack. It plays as Jack talks to the fleeing Kate and Sawyer by walkie-talkie.

Scene description

Juliet tells Alex that she must stay behind when Kate, Sawyer and Karl go to the main island. Alex wishes Karl goodbye. Juliet calls Jack, who checks if Kate and Sawyer are safe. To confirm that Kate on the walkie talkie is speaking freely, Jack makes her recount the story he told her when they first met. She does so, through tears.

Jack makes Kate promise not to return to the Others to rescue him. Then he hangs up the walkie talkie. Sawyer leads Kate into the boat, and they start paddling.

Title significance

The title plays on the phrase "Here today, gone tomorrow." "Maui" is a Hawaiian island; Lost films in Hawaii. The title references quick change and comings and goings.


Danielle's motif plays early on, followed by the Others' action theme. The remainder is a variation on the life and death theme.