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Helen was a DHARMA Initiative cryptologist.

Helen pushed an 8 year old girl on a swing, then she stood by a fence and talked to another DHARMA member. A siren suddenly went off, signaling a hostile incursion, so she ran to the little girl, picked her up, then ran into a house. Helen later walked down a sidewalk right past LaFleur.

The character has not been identified in any episode. All information about her comes from leaked pre-season 5 material which was posted on DarkUFO and the actress' blog, but the spoiler and the blog post had been lost and deleted. However, DarkUFO confirmed that this spoiler was true, and Helen indeed appeared in "LaFleur". Also, according to the actress' blog, she was officially cast as "Mom on Swing".


  • Cryptology is the study of secret codes or ciphers and the devices used to create and decipher them.

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