Heathrow Airport (IATA: LHR, ICAO: EGLL), also known as London Heathrow Airport, is the largest airport serving London, United Kingdom. It carries the most international traffic of any airport in the world, and is the busiest airport in Europe, second in the world only to Atlanta and Chicago's airports. It is the third busiest with regard to number of planes and cargo traffic to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Frankfurt International Airport.



Sayid and the CIA Agent Alyssa Cole

Sayid is led in handcuffs, to an interrogation room at Heathrow. Inside, he's introduced to CIA agent Alyssa Cole, and ASIS agent Robbie Hewitt. It seems that 300lbs of C-4 explosives were stolen from an Army base outside of Melbourne by a terrorist cell. Cole convinces Sayid to help them recover the C-4 by contacting his friend Essam Tasir, in return for revealing the location of Nadia ("The Greater Good").

Shortly before returning to the Island, Sun is at Heathrow trying to check into her flight to Los Angeles on Oceanic Airlines, Sun was detained by airport security. While yelling at the security guard to let her out, Charles Widmore revealed himself and said that he had Sun detained. He was angry that she had the "audacity" to approach him the way she did, but he still wished to talk about their "common interests." When asked what exactly those interests were, Sun replied, "to kill Benjamin Linus". (Because You Left)

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