Heather Arthur
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Date of Birth May 28, 1981
Profession Stunt Woman
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Heather Arthur is a stunt woman who has doubled on Lost most prominently for Evangeline Lilly and Michelle Rodriguez, but also for Emilie de Ravin.

Her father, Michael M. Vendrell, is Lost's stunt coordinator. Her husband Jonathan Arthur, whom she married in 2003, has also worked on the show as a stunt double.

Aside from Lost, her work can be seen on the TV shows Scrubs, Monk and One Tree Hill. She appeared in the Sci-Fi film Next and in the Transformers movie. Her most recent film appearances were in National Treasure: Book of Secrets and in J.J. Abrams's Cloverfield.

Double Work on Lost

Episode Character Scenes
"Orientation" Ana Lucia Being thrown into the tiger pit
"Abandoned" Ana Lucia Helping to lift Sawyer up the steep hill
"The Other 48 Days" Ana Lucia Various, incl. rolling down the hill with Goodwin
"What Kate Did" Kate In the car crash; Fighting with Marshal Mars
"Maternity Leave" Claire Fighting with Rousseau; Looking for the Staff door
"Dave" Ana Lucia In the armory disarming Sayid
"S.O.S." Kate Being picked up in the net and later dropped
"Two for the Road" Ana Lucia Being attacked by Henry Gale
"Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1" Kate Getting hit with the tazer and dropped by Jack
"A Tale of Two Cities" Kate Scene cut
"Enter 77" Kate Fighting with Bea Klugh
"Par Avion" Kate Climbing over the sonic fence (safety run for Lilly)
"Left Behind" Kate Fighting Juliet in the rec room and in the jungle
"The Beginning of the End" Kate Having Naomi drop down onto her

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