The Hawaii Film Office is an agency of the state of Hawaii through the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism. The agency facilitates all in-state film and television productions and photography shoots, whether they are small, local, or independent projects or large commercial projects. Each county, representing the jurisdictions of the Big Island, Honolulu, Kauai, and Maui, also has its own film commission that works in concert with the state-run Hawaii Film Office, each with its own commissioner appointed by the mayor of each region.

The Hawaii Film Office is considered the first point of contact for any media producer hoping to work on film, television, or photography projects in any of the Hawaiian Islands. The agency acts as the liaison between the producer and the local government and community, and provides and processes the documentation and permits needed to shoot a project in Hawaii. The agency also acts as a liaison with the Governor of Hawaii and the Hawaii State Legislature in consideration of tax incentives and other benefits granted for filming in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Film Office is headed by state Film Commissioner Donne Dawson. As Lost films almost exclusively on the island of Oahu, their activities fall under the scope of the county branch, the Honolulu Film Office, headed by Walea Constantinau.


Grass Skirt Productions, which produces Lost, therefore has a good deal of contact with the Hawaii Film Office. In Hawaii, Lost has only filmed in Oahu (as of Seasons 1 and 2), bringing the production under the assistance of the Honolulu Film Office branch, under commissioner Walea Constantinau. Also the film office manages the Hawaii Film Studio, which has been used as one of the main indoor soundstages (in addition to the Old Xerox Building).

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