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"Hatch" was a term frequently used by the survivors of Flight 815 when referring to the Swan. It was subsequently used to refer to some of the other DHARMA Initiative stations. The term originated from the exterior hatch of the Swan station, which the survivors of Flight 815 tried to open in Season 1.

The DHARMA Initiative stations referred to as hatches are:

  • The Hydra, Staton 1, a zoological research station.
  • The Arrow, Station 2, a research station for developing defensive strategies against the Hostiles.
  • The Swan, Station 3, an electromagnetic research/containment station, destroyed by Desmond
    • The Hatch, the steel hatch on top of the Swan.
  • The Flame, Station 4, a communications station, destroyed by Locke.
  • The Pearl, Station 5, a remote surveillance station.
  • The Orchid, Station 6, a botanical/time-travel research station.
  • The Staff, a medical station to which Claire was abducted.
  • The Door, a dummy hatch in the decoy village.
  • The Looking Glass, an underwater beacon station/submarine port.
  • The Tempest, a toxic gas station.
  • The Lamp Post, an off-Island station used for locating the Island.

Other uses[]

  • In "Exposé", a fictional "forensics hatch" is referred to sarcastically by Sawyer when Hurley complains he is contaminating Paulo's "crime scene."