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Guy in car is an unnamed character that appears in one of Sayid's flashforwards. He is referenced in several episodes.

Sayid was approached by Ben in Santo Domingo after retiring as Ben's personal assassin. Ben informed Sayid of a man waiting outside of Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute who was spying on Hurley. Sayid rejects Ben's suggestion to kill the man at first, but later decides to look into it. ("He's Our You")

While sitting in his car outside of Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, the man is approached by Sayid, who shoots and kills him. Sayid later tells Hurley that the man had been outside watching the Institute for several days. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

The man's death is later blamed on Hurley. ("Because You Left")

Hurley then makes a false confession in order to protect Sayid's involvement in the murder and to escape from Ben. ("The Lie")


  • Sayid asks him the time to get him to open his car window, to which he replies it's 8:15 before he's shot.
  • "Guy in car" is portrayed by stuntman Achilles Gacis, who also portrayed an orderly and Six Foot Five.
  • Though Achilles Gacis is credited in the press release for "He's Our You" as playing 'guy in car' as well, he does not appear in that episode, nor have any deleted scenes been released with the character.
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