Guillaume Dabinpons played the role of Robert, Alex's father, in "The Little Prince" and "This Place Is Death". According to IMDB, this was his first film or television role. His Lost character's "daughter" Tania Raymonde, appeared in the same episode, though they had no scenes together. He is working in both country France and the USA.

Early life

  • Dabinpons studied classic theatre in Paris at the National Theater Chaillot.


Feature Films

  • L'Improbable Mecanique du Coeur
  • Hollywoo



  • He acted in French publicities to promote Microsoft for over a year.
  • DabinPons is seen in the widely popular Heineken commercial featuring the song "It's Love" by Chris Knox. Still viewable on youtube: [1] He was also seen in Kronembourg commercial with hard rock band Motorhead in the U.K.
  • He is currently working in a theater company in South France, GERARD GERARD [2]
  • Movie L'Improbable Mecanique du Coeur premiered in Cannes 2011.
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