Greggory "Gregg" Nations was part of the Lost production and writing team, primarily working as a script coordinator. He often answers fan questions at The Fuselage, which has seen him become some what of a fan favorite. Nations joined the crew of Lost after Season 1, immediately re-reading all the scripts, creating a "show bible" and timeline of events. [1] He also attended the fan events "Lost Weekend 2009" and Lost Weekend 2010.

He has also written the following episodes:

Nations wrote the episode recaps for the ABC Lost website, which he based off the scripts.[2] Nations, a vegetarian,[3] was responsible for writing the dialog in Lost: The Mobile Game. [4]



RACHEL: The truth, uh, I don't know anymore. Look, I had an insider in the Lost camp; he's the one that helped me. The wrist bands were his idea. I don't think... I don't even know if the producers had any idea what those glyphs represented until later on.

DAN: Okay, so can you tell us who this "White Knight" was?

RACHEL: Ha ha, no.

DAN: Oh, come on, give us a hint at least, tell me something.

RACHEL: Uh, okay. Well, how about... Uh, in all the nations, in all the world, no one is as great as this guy. No one.

JOHNNY: In all the nations...

DAN: Well, folks, you guys figure that one out.

Rachel Blake and DJ Dan, Comic Con 2006

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