Grass Skirt Productions is the production company behind Lost and is an LLC (limited liability company) registered with the State of Hawaii in 2004.

According to an official FAQ at Thefuselage.com, fan mail may be sent to the cast and crew at Grass Skirt Productions, which has since moved to the Hawaii Film Studio and currently has the following address:

c/o Grass Skirt Productions
Hawaii Film Studio
510 18th Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816-4442

The office was formerly located at 680 Iwilei Rd. Suite 495 nearby the Old Xerox Building in the Dole Cannery Shops in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The LA offices are the home base for most of the executive producers of Lost except Jack Bender and Jean Higgins, who are based in the Hawaii office. It is also the home base for the writers and post-production crew, such as the editors.

The Los Angeles office of Grass Skirt Productions is located at ABC's campus at [1]:

500 S. Buena Vista St., Bldg 22
Burbank, CA 91521

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