Goldie was the nickname of a Nigerian drug smugglers working with Eko and Ulu, and he received his name due to his trademark gold tooth. Goldie unknowingly played a small but important role that would affect the castaways on the Island. When the smugglers were being besieged by the Nigerian military, Goldie forced Yemi into the Beechcraft and pushed Eko out of the plane, which ironically saved his life. ("The 23rd Psalm")

Later, when the Beechcraft was crashing onto the Island, Goldie jumped out of the Beechcraft in a parachute. He later died of unknown causes. However, his carcass was discovered by Locke and Boone. Seeing him in priest disguise, Boone assumed he had been a real priest. Locke then found a 9mm gun, a knife concealed in a pen, and Nigerian currency in his clothes. Later, he discovered the Virgin Mary statues, making clear Goldie's selfish intentions of smuggling drugs. ("Deus Ex Machina")

1x19 AnOldFriend

Goldie's corpse.

Later, Goldie's dead body was seen by his former smuggling buddy Eko. Eko then realized that Goldie was responsible for saving his life, and related this fact to Charlie. ("The 23rd Psalm") This encounter between Goldie's corpse and Eko was seen again briefly during his dream after Ana Lucia's death. ("?")

After being rescued from the destroyed Swan Station, Eko was taken back to the beach camp. While in his tent, he had a dream showing moments from his past, including Goldie pushed him out of the plane. ("The Cost of Living")


It is uncertain how Goldie died, however the crash of the Beechcraft was witnessed by the time-traveling John Locke.