The Golden Pontiac is a gold-colored 1988-1992 Pontiac Bonneville that has been involved in four separate car accidents in unrelated episodes with Locke, Kate, Michael, and Hurley. It is unclear if this is indeed the same car, or simply several different cars of the same make and color.

A golden Pontiac also drove past the window of the flower shop in "The Man from Tallahassee".

Locke's accident happened in the parking lot of a toy store in California, Kate's accident occurred in Iowa, and Michael was run over in New York City. Hurley's crash was in Los Angeles. The identities of the drivers have not been revealed.

Fan theories

After numerous fans noticed that the same make of car was visible in these accidents, fan theories began to develop. The theories claimed that these events in three separate flashback storylines involved the one and same vehicle, in either coincidental or intentional fashion. Other theories speculated on the identity of the driver or drivers.

However when these questions were posed in an interview with Damon Lindelof on September 21, 2005, he confirmed that the same prop car in Hawaii had been used to film the four accident scenes, but that this fact was not intentionally significant to the Lost storyline.[1].

In the April 6, 2009 episode of the Official Lost Podcast, Damon and Carlton claim that they did not know about the golden Pontiac until they had read a question about whether it was significant. They then joked that it was actually Jacob, who could only take the form of a car when he was off the Island.

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