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Glenn Cannon is an Honolulu actor who played the role of Priest in The Moth, as well as the Old Scooter Man in Exodus: Part 2 that Hurley bribes for his scooter in the Sydney Airport on his way to board Flight 815.


  • Cannon has been involved with productions in Hawaii for many decades including:
    • "Hawaii Five-O" as the recurring role of Attorney General John Manicote
    • "Magnum, P.I." as the recurring role of Dr. Ibold
  • Is professor of Theatre, and co-Director of the Cinematic and Digital Arts program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu.
    • Received his undergraduate at Temple University, class of '54, then went to New York to get his start on Broadway musicals and plays. He later moved to Los Angeles and Hollywood. A fellowship at Stanford University turned into a drama teaching position. Later he accepted an offer to teach at the University of Hawaii in what was then the new undergraduate drama department.
    • In 2002 co-founded the University of Hawaii's Cinematic and Digital Arts (CDA) program with former Columbia-Tristar president Chris Lee
  • Has been the past president of the Hawaii branch of the Screen Actors Guild

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