The ghostbuster device was a device used by Miles Straume at Mrs. Gardner's house. Entering the room of Mrs. Gardner's murdered grandson, Miles placed it on the table, turned it on, and sat on the bed, waiting to contact the spirit. ("Confirmed Dead") The device did not actually contact the dead; it was part of a con, as this was not how Miles' mediumship worked.

Though Miles did not have the device on the Island, he claimed to be able to determine the circumstances under which Naomi died, ("Confirmed Dead") and was alerted to the shallow graves of Karl and Rousseau by ghostly voices. ("Something Nice Back Home")

Miles brought the ghostbuster device case to Howard Gray's home, but did not open the case and did not make use of the device. ("Some Like It Hoth")


  • The prop is based on a Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber SE2800.
  • A Dirt Devil is also used by ghostbusters to capture a soul in an episode of the CW's television series Reaper, [1] although this appearance may be an instance of product placement, according to one reviewer. [2]
  • Ghost Hunters, a television show about Paranormal Investigation on The Sci-Fi channel, often use an Ion Generator. It is a device that charges the air with electricity, and is theorized to help spirits manifest. [3]
  • In the movie the Frighteners, Frank Banister, the psychic main character who can see and communicate with ghosts, uses a ghostbusting device to help con people into believing he has rid their houses of ghosts.
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