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[[Category:Orchestral pieces]]
[[Category:Orchestral pieces]]

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"Getting Ethan" is an orchestral piece on the Season 1 soundtrack. It plays when the survivors ambush Ethan.

Main appearance

The survivors' trap appears a success: Ethan has started chasing Claire. Jack tackles him but loses his gun in the process. Ethan and Jack wrestle till Jack gains the upper hand and Sayid, Sawyer and Locke approach, armed. Locke comforts Claire, and Jack keeps punching Ethan, for fun.

They have captured Ethan at gunpoint, but before they can question him, Charlie shoots him six times with the gun Jack dropped.

Full list of appearances

"Getting Ethan" and its variations play over the following scenes:


"Awed and Shocked" uses the theme from "Getting Ethan".

Title significance

The title plays on the phrase "getting even." Charlie shoots Ethan out of revenge.

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