"Get Out Of Jail Free Card" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. It plays at the end of "What They Died For".

Scene description

Kate asks Sawyer once again to set her free, but he rejects her. Instead, she, Sayid and Desmond end up in a police van. Desmond mysteriously suggests that it's "time to leave", and the two other passengers share doubts as to his sanity. But Desmond presses further, claiming he can free them, but they must both promise afterward to obey him. Amused, they both do.

The van stops, and Ana Lucia lets them out. A yellow Hummer soon arrives, and Hurley exits it, handing Ana a bribe. He quickly hides his recognition of her, and Desmond explains that she's not yet ready to move on.

Desmond ushers Sayid into Hurley's car but says Kate will stay with him. He unveils a dress for her to wear to the evening's destination: a concert.


Desmond's flash sideways theme plays for a bit. It returns soon after, transitions to Hurley's theme and returns again.

Title significance

The title refers to an element from the game Monopoly. In this scene, Desmond breaks Kate and Sayid from jail, though not for free.

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