Cover of the GJ album, "Magna Carta" (from the S2 DVD)

Geronimo jackson

Eddie with his GJ T-shirt

Locker Poster

The GJ poster in Locke's locker

Geronimo Jackson is a 1970s band. Little is known about the group, but references to the band have been made on Lost once per season, starting in Season 2.

On Lost

  • Charlie and Hurley found the Geronimo Jackson album Magna Carta in the Swan's collection of LPs. Charlie, as an expert in "all things musical”, said that he had never heard of them. (Neither had Sayid.) ("The Hunting Party") Locke later noticed the Magna Carta record while flipping through various albums. ("The Whole Truth")
  • Undercover police officer Eddie wore a T-shirt with the Magna Carta album cover picture silkscreened on the front. He claimed it to be one of his "dad's old shirts". Commune leader Mike remarked that Eddie's dad had "excellent taste". ("Further Instructions")
  • A Geronimo Jackson poster adorned the inside door of the locker that 16-year old John Locke was locked in. ("Cabin Fever")

In podcasts

In The Lost Experience

  • Part of the audio that played when the Hanso Phone Line was called (now shut down) involved a Danish DJ playing "classic rock from the '60s and '70s, including an exclusive recording by Geronimo Jackson's first complete album, Magna Carta." (Text is translated)
  • In his June 26, 2006 podcast, DJ Dan commented, "Anyway, point is, Rachel's blog is pleasant, but I don't have the time to be finding out which Geronimo Jackson song little Suzy Cornbelt is listening to when she misses her mommy!"
  • In her Italy 05 blog entry, Rachel lamented, "You know that Geronimo Jackson tune? It goes 'She left me on the boardwalk/With my head held in my hands...' Well, it's been running through my head all day, over and over, and over."
  • In DJ Dan's First Live Podcast of August 11, 2006, Dan identified Keith Strutter as the guitarist and founder of Geronimo Jackson, and noted that Strutter's previous band was called the Karma Imperative. He also said that Strutter started Geronimo Jackson in the '60s.
    • During DJ Dan's July 5, 2006 podcast, a listener by the name of Anthony called in saying that in the '70s, his grandmother joined what he thought was a cult by the name "KARMA Imperative", although he probably meant to say the DHARMA Initiative but simply misspoke the name. According to Anthony's story, his grandmother joined the "KARMA Imperative" while attending the University of Michigan and was taken to an unknown location in the South Pacific and was never seen again, declared dead.
  • In his Second Live Podcast of September 24, 2006, Dan more or less conceded that the band's original album Magna Carta would be very difficult to locate, calling it "an incredibly rare pressing".
  • In a response to an inquiry at Notes from the Experience LiveJournal dated September 27, 2006, Javier Grillo-Marxuach further elaborated on DJ Dan's comments from the Second Podcast by saying that Geronimo Jackson "stuff is very arcane and hard to find, frankly, I'm surprised we managed to score a copy to get on the show...I think the Danish DJ was actually playing a bootleg". He also confirmed that only Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz would be able to identify which of the individuals on the cover of Magna Carta was Keith Strutter, or who was responsible from the Lost production team for getting a copy of the album into the Hatch for use on Lost.

On the Season 2 DVD


GJ on the S2 DVD

An Easter egg on disc four of the Season 2 DVD features a short video clip of supervising producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz elaborating on the band's back story. They claim it was the brainchild of Keith Strutter, a Kentuckian who ran away from home in the 1960s and wound up in San Francisco. The band's first gigs were at burlesque shows, working their way up to play clubs like the Avalon and the Filmore. They never headlined, but put out one album, Magna Carta, which has been out of print for some time. Kitsis claims that the band disappeared into obscurity in Woodstock, NY in 1971. It was put into Lost as a tribute to an under-appreciated band.


  • On January 19, 2006, a fan-made website appeared at It was removed after a few months.
  • The album title Magna Carta is an anagram of "anagram act".
  • Charlie's middle name, Hieronymus, means "sacred name" in Ancient Greek, and is a variant of the name "Geronimo".
  • Geronimo was a famous Apache leader and medicine man.
  • A group named Magna Carta was founded in 1969.
  • The Magna Carta (1215) is widely viewed as one of the most important legal documents in the history of democracy.
  • There is a record label Magna Carta Records.
  • There is a band from the 1970s called Geronimo Black, who produced one album. The third track of this album was entitled "Other Man".

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