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The German Tailender was an unspecified tail section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 that was mentioned in dialog by Nathan. ("The Other 48 Days")

Nathan: From The Other 48 Days transcript

Nathan [entering]: Look, 3 of the people are missing—the blond guy, the curly-haired guy, and the German who was helping us with the injured.
Ana Lucia: Did you see anything?
Nathan: No, I didn't.

Because the tail section characters who survived into the night, including the background cast, were all clearly and visibly depicted in the episode in several scenes, some fans have speculated as to which background extra portrayed the "German". Although Nathan mentioned this character as having "assisted" with the injured, and several extras were depicted assisting each other during the aftermath of the crash, no positively identifiable specifics of this action are given. Therefore no canonical link between dialog specifying a German character as written by the writers with action by any specific extra may be made.

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