First Island Appearance None
Last Island Appearance None
Name George
Age Unknown
Origin Indiana, United States
Profession Real Estate
In Australia... Talk daughter out of seeing her boyfriend
On the flight... Failed with his daughter and returning home
Family Members...

Unnamed Divorced Wife
Unnamed Daughter

Appearances... S1 - S2 - S3 - MP - S4

George is a character in Endangered Species and Secret Identity, Cathy Hapka's official novelization of Lost.

Before the crash

George is a survivor of Flight 815. He is described as ruddy faced, athletic looking, about 40 years old, with thinning hair. He says he barely scraped through high school and is divorced. He has a daughter who, like Faith Harrington is an environmentalist. He dislikes the thought of it and travels to Australia to try and convince her to dump her "tree-hugging-know-it-all" boyfriend and return home to America. Having failed this, he books the flight back to America. ("Endangered Species")


George convinced Faith to start collecting luggage. He squashed a poisonous spider to illustrate the "kill or be killed" survival mentality to Faith, even though the spider was not a threat. George went into jungle with Faith, Hurley, and Boone to look for more food. He was saved from a snake by Faith, but shouted at her saying that he could have dealt with it. He finds Faith's green suitcase in the jungle, and gives it to her as soon as he finds it. Faith later saves him at the last moment from a fearsome snake called a Death Adder. ("Endangered Species")

Later, he finds Dexter's luggage, which causes his (Dexter's) memory to return, after suffering from amnesia since the crash. ("Secret Identity")

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