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Gary Troup being interviewed by Granger.

On 16 Sept 2004, Gary Troup was interviewed by Laird Granger about Bad Twin on Book Talk show #1523. Seven of nine parts of the interview were released on various websites. After the Lost Experience ended, fans wondered whether the final two clips had simply been missed. However, writer and voice of DJ Dan, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, stated that he believed the final two clips are red herrings, and that to his knowledge they were never made.[1]

Part 1

Part 1 was found on the Barnes and Noble site. Next to the Bad Twin picture, there is a link that states: "See an exclusive video clip". [2]


Laird Granger: Hello, I'm Laird Granger and welcome to Book Talk. Today we're talking to Gary Troup, novelist and non-fiction author whose works include The Valenzetti Equation and his newest mystery novel Bad Twin. Welcome Gary, nice to have you here.
Gary Troup: Thanks, glad to be here Laird.
Laird Granger: Bad Twin - what inspired the novel?
Gary Troup: I was game fishing off the Florida Keys and I got to talking to the boat captain. He started telling me about this other business that he had which was ferrying people and things in and out of Cuba. Illegally of course.
Laird Granger: Interesting.
Gary Troup: Oh yeah, I thought he'd make a great character and that was the spark that got the book going.
Laird Granger: But the book's not really about him...
Gary Troup: No, no, the boat captain is j...


Part 2

Part 2 was discovered in a link in a Borders Reward e-mail. [3]


Gary Troup: The boat captain is just a point of departure. Here's this guy. One day he's taking families fishing and the next day he's making smuggling runs, and it was that duality that intrigued me - how we all have good and bad inside of us.
Laird Granger: And is that what the title 'Bad Twin' refers to?
Gary Troup: Er, yeah. The book is a story about a private investigator named Paul Artisan who's hired by this rich man to track down his missing twin, the supposed "bad twin" from the title.
Laird Granger: But without giving anything away here, who is bad and who is good - that's all part of the mystery isn't it?
Gary Troup: (nods) Yes, yes, very much so.
Laird Granger: Your book men...


Part 3

Part 3 was found on the Amazon Bad Twin page.[4] The clip was accompanied by the following statement:

"Amazon.com Exclusive: Author Gary Troup delivered the manuscript for his hotly anticipated thriller, Bad Twin, just days before he boarded doomed Oceanic Flight 815. Watch the recently uncovered video clip of Gary Troup on Book Talk interviewed by Laird Granger talking about the controversy surrounding his mysteriously out-of-print first book, The Valenzetti Equation, and his new novel, Bad Twin."


Laird Granger: Your book mentions a lot of real life people, places and institutions.
Gary Troup: Yeah, I try to incorporate real-life stuff into my fiction, um, just gives it a lot more... veracity.
Laird Granger: Like Alvar Hanso, and the Hanso Foundation?
Gary Troup: (looks uncomfortable)... right...
Laird Granger: Did including them have anything to do with your non-fiction writing?
Gary Troup: Absolutely. I wrote a non-fiction book called The Valenzetti Equation
Laird Granger: (interrupting) about the reclusive Princeton University mathematician Enzo Valenzetti and his famous theorem...
Gary Troup: Yes.
Laird Granger: At least that's what they say it's about. (shaking head) I have to confess I can't find a copy.
Gary Troup: (nods) Yeah, I know. I mean, first of all it was a small printing, and allegedly, now...


Part 4

Part 4 was found using the Valenzetti Equation link on the Amazon.com Bad Twin Page.[5]The link first appeared on May 16th, 2006.

In this part of the interview, Troup discusses the fate of his book, The Valenzetti Equation and the relationship to that book of Alvar Hanso and The Hanso Foundation


Gary Troup: and allegedly, now, I emphasize allegedly, Alvar Hanso bought up all of the available copies and (emphasis) he bought the rights to reprint.
Laird Granger: Why would he do that?
Gary Troup: That's a good question...
Laird Granger: The book was critical of him?
Gary Troup: Erm... no. But as I was doing my research I discovered that Alvar Hanso is the only guy in the world who has an actual copy of the Valenzetti Equation (pause) now, despite repeated requests, I was categorically denied access to it. In fact, no one outside the Hanso Foundation has access to it.
Laird Granger: (interrupting) and what about inside The Hanso Foundation?
Gary Troup: From what I've been able to learn, even within The H...


Part 5

Part 5 was found on the Powell's book website [6] on May 17th, 2006.

In this part of the interview, Troup discusses The Hanso Foundation and secrecy regarding Valenzetti.


Gary Troup: From what I've been able to learn, even within the Hanso Foundation, the Valenzetti Equation is one of the most closely guarded secrets.
Laird Grainger: That must have made it hard for you to write the book.
Gary Troup: Beyond that.. look at every turn Alvar Hanso and the Hanso Foundation... they tried to stop me from writing it. I mean, for whatever reason, they want to keep Valenzetti and his work a secret. They don't want the public to know anything about it. You know what... we are here to talk about "Bad Twin"
Laird Granger: Sounds like you've got your next piece of non-fiction in the works here.
Gary Troup: Look, The Hanso Foundation promotes itself a...


Part 6

Part 6 can be found on the Gary Troup Website.[7]The file first appeared on May 17th, 2006

In this part of the interview, Troup discusses the previously mentioned non-fiction work about The Hanso Foundation


Gary Troup: The Hanso Foundation promotes itself as "bettering humanity"... um, and that's all I am gonna say about it right now because I am gonna to be writing a book about this, and I'll tell you this, that as soon as people find out what is going on inside this huge, famous, supposedly benevolent foundation.. it's going to shock you.
Laird Granger: Tell me about Cindy...
Gary Troup: (laughs) This isn't going to air until after the book is published, right?
Laird Granger: Yes, that's right
Gary Troup: Alright, well I, I'm an inveterate bachelor, I mean, I never even thought about coming close


Part 7

Part 7 was found by a player using unorthodox means, but later became a hidden easter egg on the shutdown Hanso Foundation website


Gary Troup: I'm an inveterate bachelor, I mean, I never even thought about coming close to getting married, until y'know I started doing research for Bad Twin.
Laird Granger: Which required Lots of travel to Australia.
Gary Troup: Eight times actually...
Laird Granger: *Laughs*
Gary Troup: Yeah, I'm kind of a research fanatic. Anyhow a large part of the book takes place down there so...
Laird Granger: Of Course your love for deep sea fishing in the great barrier reef area had nothing to do with it.
Gary Troup: Hey hey c'mon, That's research.
Laird Granger: *Laughs*
Gary Troup: Anyways either coincidentally or by fate... there is this incredible woman. Cindy, she's a flight attendant--