Fuzzy Moody is a stunt actor who is currently based in Hawaii and, as of 2006, is treasurer of the Hawaiian Stunt Connection. He portrayed the uncredited character of repairman in "Numbers" and also played one of the unnamed survivors of the middle section of Oceanic Flight 815. Moody acted in multiple episodes of Magnum, P.I., in a variety of roles. In addition, he performed as Moray, a lookout in War and Remembrance, a television miniseries covering the events of World War Two. Moody also made an appearance as Bill in the episode "In His Shadow" from The Fall Guy.

Fuzzy Moody appears with Locke and Tourniquet Man in "Exposé".

Moody can be seen on the Season 5 DVD bonus disc featurette "Ben Vs. Desmond", where he is shown performing as a stunt double for Michael Emerson during the fight between Ben and Desmond in "Dead Is Dead".

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