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  4. Proven by canon source, and moved to main article.
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  • The FDW has to do with Ben waking up in the desert in a parka. He teleported there from a tundra-like climate, just as the polar bear whose bones Charlotte found in the desert did.
  • The Frozen Donkey Wheel refers to a cycle created by the Dharma Initiative, maintained by pushing the button every 108 minutes in the Swan-station. The Island itself is, in fact, unstuck in time from the real world due to its mysterious electromagnetic properties. Time, and the Island, has slowed to almost a complete halt. This is how Richard Alpert, and possibly others, have not aged since they arrived there on the Black Rock sometime in the 1800s. When the Dharma Initiative arrived later on, they built the Swan-station over the electromagnetic outlet to experiment with this phenomenon. They had now 'corked up' the energy that had always flowed out from the Island, and by releasing that build-up in small discharges every 108 minutes they could now accelerate, and keep, the Island in present time (think of it like letting the air out of a balloon in small doses). When the Swan-station was destroyed by turning the fail-safe key in the season two finale, the 'cork' was destroyed as well. Had they not done this, the world (maybe even the universe) could have exploded/imploded due to the build-up not being released. Time is now crawling to a halt again, losing synch with the real world at an alarming rate. Michael left the Island right after the Discharge, which explains why there was no time difference when he got back home. When Frank, Sayid and Desmond left, the difference was bigger. Their helicopter trip took 20 minutes, but was experienced on-Island as about 2 days. Things will get even worse as time progresses. There are some things yet to be explained, as how Doc Ray was found dead on the Island before he has been shown killed on the freighter, but it could be side-effects of the bigger-than-normal discharge that occured. It could even have propelled the Island a bit ahead of the present before it slows down again. To summerize; the donkey-wheel-like chore of repeatingly pressing the button every 108 minutes is now over, freezing the Island in time once again.
  • Another Dharma station explodes in a discharge similar to the swan (Damon and Carlton said we will see another purple sky)
  • When Locke moves the island he will move it approx 4 years into the future. The frozen dockey wheel will be Post through the looking glass Jack, returning to the island after only being gone one day.
  • The wheel may be actually be the Dharmacakra, a symbol representing dharma (law) in Hinduism and the Buddha's teaching of the path to enlightenment. It is also sometimes translated as wheel of doctrine or wheel of law.
  • The frozen part of the name has something to do with the Listening station.
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