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Fredric Lane
Character(s) Edward Mars
Date of Birth 3 February 1959 (age 56)
Origin Buffalo, New York, USA
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Fredric Lane played the role of Edward Mars.


  • Has appeared in over 85 movies and TV shows since his first guest role as Frank in In the Beginning in 1978. Some of his other roles include:
  • Agent Janus from Men in Black.
  • Eddie Cronin from Dallas.
  • Ranse Burgess from Firefly.
  • The young Arthur Dales on The X-Files.
  • The Yellow-Eyed Demon in Supernatural.
  • Astronaut Walt Cunningham in From the Earth to the Moon.
  • He is sometimes credited as Frederic Lehne, Fredic Lane, Fredric Lane, Frederick Lehne, or Fred Lehne.
  • He also appeared in an episode of Daybreak (What if He's Free) that never aired, but is available on
  • He has also been on the hit tv show NCIS as Captain Graves in Dead Man Talking.
  • Played a police officer in a "Malcolm in the Middle" episode, alongside Sam Anderson.
  • He played alongside co-star Mark Pellegrino (the actor who played Jacob) in Supernatural, even though they never actually appeared in the same season.
  • The Pilot in Con Air, in which he is later replaced by a convict played by M.C. Gainey

Media appearances

  • April 4-6, 2008 - Lockdown Lost convention - The Park Inn, Northampton, UK [1]
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