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Frank J. Lapidus is an aircraft pilot who was scheduled to pilot Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 but overslept and missed the flight, causing Seth Norris to fly it instead. Before joining the freighter team, Frank was among the few who believed that the wreckage of Flight 815 that was found at the bottom of the Sunda Trench was staged. Matthew Abaddon described him as a "pretty good pilot", but Frank may be an alcoholic with some past issues according to Naomi. Frank was hired by Charles Widmore to be the lead chopper pilot on the freighter Kahana in order to ferry the science team to the Island. After the death of Naomi, however, he begrudgingly transported the entire mercenary team as well. When Frank learned that Oceanic Flight 815 passengers were alive on the Island, he agreed to help them escape and succeeded after the Others' ambush of the mercenary team. When the freighter sunk and the island disappeared, the helicopter eventually ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean, but Frank found rescue along with Desmond and the Oceanic Six. After being rescued, Frank participated in the cover-up story of the Oceanic Six.

Three years later, in 2007, he began piloting for Ajira Airways. Frank piloted Ajira Flight 316, the plane that returned the Oceanic Six to the Island. Frank safely landed the Ajira Plane on the Runway at the Hydra Island despite some system failures. After the rough landing, Frank ventured on with Sun in search of Jin and her friends, but they eventually parted ways. As soon as he returned to the Hydra Island in hopes of fixing the plane, he encountered Ilana's group and got knocked out after failing to answer their question ("What lies in the shadow of the Statue?"). While unconscious, he was taken back to the Main Island. Bram questioned Ilana about Frank's status as a "candidate" for the replacement of Jacob as guardian of the Island. Frank accompanied Ilana's group to the Statue where he watched Ilana show Richard the corpse of John Locke.

After Jacob was murdered, he followed Ilana to the Temple and arrived there just in time to witness the Temple Massacre. Frank resided at the beach camp along with Sun, Ilana, Miles, Ben, Richard, Hurley and Jack until Ilana's death, at which point the group split in two, with Frank staying with those who chose to reason with the Man in Black in order to keep him from leaving the Island. He left in the submarine with Jack's group and was on board when it exploded and sank. Frank survived and was saved by Miles and Richard, who helped him repair the plane. The three of them left the Island along with Kate, Sawyer, and Claire.

Before the Island[]

Before the freighter[]

4x02 FrankNoticesThePilot

Frank watches the news of the wreckage and notices that the pilot isn't Seth Norris. ("Confirmed Dead")

Frank Lapidus grew up in the Bronx in New York. He claimed that he was the originally intended pilot of Oceanic Flight 815, but was replaced by his friend and fellow pilot Seth Norris when he overslept due to a dysfunction of his alarm clock. For a while, he went to work for Caribbean Dreams Island Travel and Tours in Eleuthera, the Bahamas. One day, when Oceanic Flight 815 was reportedly found in the Sunda Trench according to news channels, Frank immediately contacted the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board's 'Oceanic hotline' and spoke to a representative while he was watching live footage of the plane's remains. He stated that in the footage they had identified the corpse of pilot Seth Norris, however, he said that he is absolutely positive that the body was not actually Norris since Frank knew that he never took off his wedding ring and he justified that by pointing out that the corpse wasn't wearing one. ("Confirmed Dead") ("The Economist") ("Dr. Linus")

4x02 Frank Call

Frank reveals that he was the originally intended pilot of Oceanic 815. ("Confirmed Dead")

At some point after discovering that the wreckage was fake and contacting the NTSB about it, Frank was recruited as a pilot by Matthew Abaddon who had belonged to the organization which was responsible for staging the fake wreckage of the doomed Oceanic Flight 815. Abaddon, who was working under the direct orders of wealthy industrialist Charles Widmore, sent Frank along with a Science team on a mission to the island. He was stationed at the Kahana, a freighter which belonged to Charles Widmore which was dispatched to find and capture the island 3 months after the crash of Oceanic 815. His role was to transport the Science team to and from the island and then later, the Mercenary team in order to capture Benjamin Linus. In a meeting between Abaddon and Naomi, Frank was described as "a drunk." ("Confirmed Dead")

On the freighter[]

4x08 KevinAndFrank

Frank shares his theories with Michael. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Soon after arriving near the Island, Frank told Naomi that he wanted to take the helicopter first and go to the Island since he is the pilot after all, but she denied him and said that he needs to stay on the freighter so that the science team could be transported to the island. After speaking with Naomi, he introduced himself to Michael (Kevin Johnson) and asked him why he was on board the freighter. When Michael said he was just looking for some adventure, Frank told him the biggest adventure was the Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage found at the bottom of the ocean and that he was one of the few people who know that the wreckage is actually a fake. He told Michael that Charles Widmore, the owner of the boat believed him and that is the reason why he signed up for the job and is on the freighter. Frank said that if they ever found a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 it would be cataclysmic. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

On the Island: Days 91-108 (Season 4)[]

Franks Cow

Frank is met by one of Mikhail's cows. ("Confirmed Dead")

Frank piloted a helicopter from the freighter to the Island. On approach, the electronics failed and the rest of the members of Frank's team bailed out by parachuting down. Frank managed to bring the helicopter down without any significant damage. Although he landed the helicopter safely, he sustained head injuries which made it difficult for him to walk. He climbed to the top of a hill and was approached by one of the cattle that lived at the Flame.

As soon as he ascended to the top, he fell on the ground and grabbed his satellite phone in order to communicate with his team but discovered that it was destroyed due to the rough landing. When he tried to get up, he found out he was having trouble standing, so he loaded up his flare gun and fired it so that his team could find him.

4x02 FrankCallsForHelp

Frank launches the flare. ("Confirmed Dead")

Frank passed out for a short period of time after firing up the flare gun, but was awoken when Jack and his team found him. When he was awoken, he reacted with a reflex of hostility but after he saw Daniel Faraday and Miles Straume he calmed down. They both asked him what happened to Charlotte and the Chopper, and he responds by saying that she bailed out just like they did right before he went down. When Miles asked Lapidus where the helicopter crashed, he replies by saying "What kind of pilot do you think I am?" he pointed to Miles that he landed the Chopper right by the hill. As Juliet was tending to the wound on his forehead, Frank asked her what her name was. After hearing it, he realized that she wasn't on Flight 815. He had memorized the entire manifest and was able to identify her as a "native." ("Confirmed Dead")

4x02 She'sANative

Frank is treated by Juliet, whose name he doesn't recognize. ("Confirmed Dead")

While Miles was arguing with Jack about moving out to Locke's group and taking Charlotte back, Sayid told them that they are not going anywhere and immediately addressed Frank if the helicopter will fly. Frank replied by saying that it does fly which prompted Sayid to order Frank to take him to the freighter. Frank told him that they burned a lot of fuel coming to the island so the helicopter can't carry much weight and that he'll only take three people with him. Miles quickly reminded Frank that Charlotte was taken prisoner, implying that she is their priority. Sayid vowed to bring Charlotte back safely in return for a spot on the helicopter, an offer which Frank accepted.

4x03 ExplainingTheExperiment

Faraday asks for a satellite phone from Frank. ("The Economist")

When Sayid left with Miles and Kate, Frank asked Jack about where Sayid is from. Jack said that he was from Iraq and then added that he was a torturer after Frank asked if he was some kind of diplomat. Later Frank and Jack watched Daniel setting up some tools and equipments to conduct an experiment, which made Jack wonder what exactly he was doing. Frank said that he couldn't explain to him his story, saying that half the stuff he says goes way over his head and the other half goes way way over. After Daniel was done setting up the tools, he asked Frank if he could use the phone to talk with Regina on the freighter because he figured that since their waiting he wanted to try out something. Frank wondered what Daniel was up to, so he questioned what exactly he is trying to do. Daniel said that he wanted to do an experiment but before he could explain what it is, Frank immediately gave him the phone, knowing that he wouldn't know what he was talking about anyways. He just tells him that if Minkowski gets on the phone he should hang up right away. As Daniel initiated the experiment, Frank told Jack, "Don't sweat it, he does it all the time."

4x03 DesmondWantsAnswers

Desmond demands answers from Frank. ("The Economist")

Desmond arrived from the beach and confronted Frank about the picture of himself and Penny that he had found with Naomi's things. Frank stated he wasn't very high up in the freighter's rankings and knew nothing about it. Sayid returned with Charlotte and Frank agreed to take Sayid, Desmond and Naomi's body to the Kahana. They lifted up and headed toward the freighter. ("The Economist") More than a day later, those on the Island discovered Frank, Sayid, and Desmond had not yet made it to the freighter. ("Eggtown")

4x05 MakingDeals

Frank and Sayid exchange a gun for a satellite phone. ("The Constant")

While on course toward the freighter, the chopper entered a thunderhead. The group experienced turbulence, and as it became worse, Frank was unable to follow the bearing Daniel had instructed him to stay on. Eventually , he landed the helicopter. Once on deck, Keamy and Omar approached Frank and asked who Sayid and Desmond were. Frank explained they were survivors of the crash. Later, after an argument with Keamy, Frank swapped the phone for Sayid's gun. After this, they headed down to the sick bay and gave Desmond the phone to talk to Daniel, who was on the island and gave Desmond the information he needed. However Ray pushed the alarm button, and Keamy took the phone from Desmond. Omar also told Frank that the captain wanted to speak with him. ("The Constant")

That night, Frank was seen carrying a bag as Keamy approached him. He reminded Frank not to be late upstairs and Frank said he would be there. He brought the bag to Sayid and Desmond and encountered Regina reading in front of the door. He mentioned that her book was upside-down and she grunted, apparently angry at him. She let him in and he dumped the bag containing cans of Lima beans on the sick bay bed. He told Sayid the kitchen was having problems. Shortly thereafter, Frank ostensibly flew Keamy and his men to the island to capture Ben. It is not yet known where Lapidus was during the attack. ("Ji Yeon") ("The Shape of Things to Come")

4x10 FrankInTheJungle

Frank pleads Keamy continue their trek to the chopper. ("Something Nice Back Home")

Running through the jungle the day after The Man in Black attacked Keamy's team, Frank stumbled upon Miles, Sawyer, Claire, and Aaron. Holding a sat phone which showed the locations of the mercenaries, he warned Miles, Claire, and Sawyer that Keamy was heading in their direction. He urged them to hide and they did so. When Keamy's team arrived, Frank was concerned about an injury one of the men had sustained, but Keamy warned him just to do his job and get them back to the helicopter. Keamy heard Aaron cry, but Frank distracted him before he could figure out what the sound was. They soon left the area, leaving Claire, Aaron, Sawyer, and Miles safe. ("Something Nice Back Home")

The next day Frank flew back to the freighter with the mercenaries. Later he helped a locked up Michael off the floor. He asked why Michael never told him he was a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, and that he was one of the only people who would have believed him. Michael told Frank that it was because Widmore, Frank's boss, was the one who staged the wreckage, but Frank thought it was a conspiracy. Michael begged Frank not to take Keamy and his team back to the island, thinking he would kill everyone. Frank told him not to worry about it. They left the room and saw Omar strapping a device to Keamy's arm. ("Cabin Fever")

4x11 FrankAndMichael

Michael warns Frank of Keamy. ("Cabin Fever")

That night, Frank told the mercenaries he would not help them get back to the Island, emphasizing that his job was to fly scientists to and from the island, not mercenaries. In response to this, Keamy slit Ray's throat and chucked his body overboard. He then warned Frank that if he didn't fly them back, he would kill someone in the next thirty seconds. Captain Gault interrupted their conversation by firing the gun Keamy gave him to fix. Gault asked what was strapped to Keamy's arm, but he pulled a gun and shot the captain.

Shocked by this, Frank reluctantly agreed to fly Keamy back to the island. Just as they were taking off, Frank wrapped a satellite phone up and when they reached the island, he threw it onto the beach below them. ("Cabin Fever")

4x12 AHelpfulFrank

Frank tells Jack and Sawyer of Keamy's current location. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

Frank landed the helicopter five kilometers away from the Orchid station and Keamy's men left him handcuffed inside the helicopter before moving out. Some time later, Jack and Sawyer found Frank and gave him the toolbox so he could free himself, and he told them where Keamy was headed. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

While attempting to escape, Keamy returned to the chopper with a captive Ben and questioned Frank on how he reached the tool box. Before Frank had the chance to explain, Kate ran out from the jungle, claiming she was being chased by Ben's people. A fight immediately ensued, with the mercenaries being attacked by the Others. Frank took cover, and was the only Kahana crew member to survive the ambush. Shortly after, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Sayid reached the chopper, and Frank flew them off the Island towards the freighter. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

4x13 FrankSpottingShip

Frank spots a rescue boat. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

A fuel leak, caused by the gunshot battle, forced Frank to lighten the load, and after Sawyer jumped from the chopper to save the others, Frank landed on the Kahana, patched the hole and refueled the helicopter. The Oceanic Six, along with Desmond left shortly before the Kahana exploded, leaving Jin behind. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

Much to Frank's amazement, the Island disappeared as the chopper headed toward it. Because of the lack of fuel, he had no choice but to crash the helicopter into the ocean. Although visibly hurt, Frank helped Jack to carry an unconscious Desmond to the life raft Sayid threw from the chopper. The survivors drifted in the lifeboat for hours, until they were rescued by the Searcher, a ship owned by Penny. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3")

5x02 ChillingWithTheSix

Frank witnesses the formation of the cover story. ("The Lie")

During their time aboard the Searcher, the Oceanic Six, Desmond, and Penny formulated the lie they would tell upon returning to the mainland. Frank agreed to cooperate with whatever they chose to do. ("The Lie")

One week following the rescue, the Oceanic Six prepared to leave the vessel on a life raft to maintain the story they would tell to the public. Frank and Jack said their final goodbyes - both joking that they hoped to never see each other again. After the six departed on the life raft headed for the island of Sumba, Frank remained on the Searcher with Desmond and Penny. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3")

After the Island: 2007[]


Lapidus meets Jack onboard Flight 316. ("316")

After being rescued, Frank continued flying multiple Airliners, transporting both passengers and cargo. At some time in early 2007 he began working for Ajira Airways. After eight months on the job, Frank was assigned to pilot Flight 316 which was headed to Guam. By coincidence, the Oceanic Six boarded the flight which, according to Eloise Hawking, would be their way back to the Island. When Frank's name was revealed by the airplane PA, Jack spoke to one of the flight attendants and requested to meet him. The flight attendant then informed Frank that a man named "Jack Shephard" wanted to speak to him. Not long after he was informed, a clean-shaven Frank came out to meet with Jack.

5x09 FrankColdFeet

An anxious Lapidus assures the Co-Pilot that he is fine moments before the crash. ("Namaste")

Happy to see Jack, Frank shook hands with him. Jack who was returning to the island was intrigued to know that the same man who flew Oceanic Six out of the island is the same man who was going to bring them back which prompted him to ask him how he ended on the plane. After he answered Jack's question, Frank asked him why he was going to Guam. However, upon looking over at the passengers in the forward cabin (who consisted of the Oceanic Six, minus Aaron, plus Ben, Caesar, and Ilana), Frank concluded from their presence that the plane would not be arriving at Guam. He had a feeling that they knew that the plane will take them back to the island just by looking at Jack who seemed to have provided no answer to Frank. ("316")

Minutes later, the plane experienced extreme turbulence after a bright white light engulfed the plane which had shifted night into daytime. Frank and the co-pilot struggled to maneuver the plane safely, as the Island soon came into focus out the window. Frank noticed a runway off into the distance and without much hesitation he proceeded to land the plane while the Co-pilot was sending out a distress signal. With not much space available at the runway for a large plane, Frank had no choice but to land quickly but roughly. ("Namaste")

Back on the Island: 2007[]

Season 5[]

5x09 ThatCan'tBeGood

Frank discovers his co-pilot died in the crash. ("Namaste")

Upon coming to a complete stop, a tree branch jutted through the window and killed the co-pilot instantly. After the crash, Frank attempted to gather all of the survivors together, yet Caesar took a leadership role, revealing to all the existence of buildings and cages on the island. Frank noticed Ben and Sun's departure from the camp, and decided to follow them.

Finding three outrigger canoes, Frank decided to join Sun and Ben on their trip to the main island. After Sun knocked Ben unconscious using an oar, Frank and Sun paddled the canoe from Hydra Island to the main Island, where they heard the sounds of the monster. They walked into the Processing Center, which seemed completely abandoned. Soon, a door creaked open, and Christian introduced himself to Frank and Sun. Christian took them to one of the houses, where he showed Sun a picture of DHARMA's new recruits in 1977. Sun was shocked to see Jack, Kate, and Hurley among them. Then, Christian informed her that she had a long journey ahead of her. ("Namaste")

5x09 TheUnhappyTrio

Frank, Sun and Ben make their way to the outrigger canoes. ("Namaste")

A short time later, Ilana informed Locke that Frank took off with Sun in one of the three outriggers. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham") Christian told Frank and Sun to wait in the Barracks for John Locke, and to do what he says. When Ben went to investigate his old home he stumbled upon the two. They explained to him why they were there, but they did not believe Locke was alive, until Ben told them to look out the window. Locke came into the house and they talked about what to do next. Frank said he was returning to the Hydra Island to fix the jet radio and see if he could get help, with or without Sun. She decided to stay with Locke so she could find Jin, and Frank returned to the the Hydra Island in the outrigger. Upon his return, a flight 316 passenger named Jed told him that three of the survivors have found guns and claimed leadership of the group. When Frank confronted Ilana, she held him at gunpoint and asked: "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" Bewildered, Frank replied he had no idea what she was talking about, prompting her to knock him unconscious with the butt of her rifle. ("Dead Is Dead")

5x12 GoodNightFrank

Frank is knocked unconscious by a hostile Ilana. ("Dead Is Dead")

Frank woke up in an outrigger, as Bram, Ilana, and three other survivors arrived at the Main Island with a large metal crate. Frank overheard Bram and Ilana discussing whether or not he was a "candidate." When Frank asked them what he was a candidate for, they did not answer him, although Bram told him not to worry, because they were "friends." Ilana and Bram revealed the contents of the crate to Frank, who was deeply disturbed upon seeing Locke's dead body, since he had seen him alive and seemingly resurrected only hours before.

5x16 GoodNews

Frank discovers the content of Ilana's crate. ("The Incident, Part 1")

Frank accompanied Ilana's group to Jacob's cabin. Along the way, Bram assured him that they were the "good guys," although Frank was skeptical of this claim. At the cabin, Ilana discovered it was abandoned and proceeded to torch it. Frank said he was no "treehugger," but lighting the cabin on fire seemed like a good way to burn the whole jungle down. ("The Incident, Part 1")

Frank arrived at the statue with Ilana's group that night, where Richard gave Ilana the correct answer to the question "what lies in the shadow of the statue?" They then showed Richard, Sun, and the Others the contents of the crate. ("The Incident, Part 2")

Season 6[]

6x01 NotBuyingIt

Frank and Sun discuss Ilana and her group. ("LA X, Part 1")

While waiting on the beach, outside of the statue of Taweret, Frank explained to Sun the little he knew about Ilana and her group. Frank filled her up on what happened to him after he went back to the Hydra island. He told her that they took the cargo that contained John's corpse and dragged him out to an old cabin which they promptly burnt before heading to the statue. He noted that they professed to be "the good guys" then, reading the skeptical expression on her face, added "I'm not buying it, either." ("LA X, Part 1")

6x01 CannotBelieveIt

Frank and Sun witness the apparent resurrection of John Locke. ("LA X, Part 1")

The following morning, he stood alongside Sun and watched with shock as the Man in Black, now in the guise John Locke emerged from the statue and walked past the motionless corpse of the real Locke. As the Man in Black approached the people gathered outside, Ilana and the others aimed their guns at him. Frank summed up the general sentiment and fear of the group regarding the Man in Black when he muttered, "I'm seeing it, but I'm not believing it."

Frank watched Richard and the Man in Black have a short discussion after Ilana and the others heeded Richard's order to not shoot. As soon as Richard recognized the Man in Black, he was knocked out by him. Before hoisting Richard on his shoulder, The Man in Black expressed his disappointment in the Others and, presumably, Frank and Sun who all helplessly watched him walk away, past the corpse of the real Locke. ("LA X, Part 2")

6x04 WeirdFuneral

Frank comments on the weirdness of Locke's funeral. ("The Substitute")

A short time after this the others who were waiting outside all left to the Temple, leaving Frank, along with Ilana, Sun, and Ben alone at the statue. Ilana suggested that they go to the Temple as well saying that it is the safest place on the island. However, after being provoked by Frank's statement that the corpse of John Locke was, "Getting pretty ripe," Sun suggested that they bury him before going anywhere.

Together they took Locke's body to the old graveyard so that they could bury him. When Frank, along with Ben both dug a fresh grave, Ilana asked if anyone wanted to say anything, implying that someone must have known him. After Ben gave his eulogy and apologized for murdering him, Ilana and Sun shared shocked looks and Frank muttered, "This is the weirdest damn funeral I've ever been to." ("The Substitute")


Frank reunites with Miles during the Temple Massacre. ("Sundown")

Frank did not reach the Temple until the Smoke Monster had already broken in, due to the death of Dogen. He arrived at the height of the Temple massacre along with Ilana, Sun, and Ben, where he coincidentally ran into Miles. Before Miles had the chance to ask what Frank was doing there, Frank ended the conversation, prompting Miles to, "Get [his] ass moving," if he wanted to survive the night. They stormed out of the room and down the hallway, following Ilana's lead to the secret exit that Hugo had recently used. ("Sundown")

After escaping from the Temple, Frank, Ilana, Sun, and Miles met up with Ben who revealed to them that Sayid had killed both Dogen and Lennon. Ben suggested that they go to the beach, reinforcing his plan with the concept that the ocean would be behind their backs.

Normal dr-linus-143

Frank explains to Ben why he was replaced as the pilot of Oceanic Flight 815. ("Dr. Linus")

The following morning at the beach Frank asked Ben to help him get firewood. Ben was busy rummaging through the remains of the beach camp and ignored him until he stumbled upon an Oceanic Airlines water bottle. Frank revealed to a surprised Ben that he was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815, but did not due to the fact that he overslept when his alarm did not go off. Frank thought aloud about how different his life would have been like if his alarm clock had gone off. Ben pointed out that things would not be all that different, stating that the island eventually got him anyways. As the two then exchanged smiles, their small discussion was ended when Ilana aimed her gun at Ben and ordered him to walk away. Later in the day, Frank started a campfire just when Jack, Hurley, and Richard arrived at the beach. He, along with Sun, Ilana and Miles greeted them all. ("Dr. Linus")

6x10 AskTheManWhoComunesWithTheDead

Frank and Miles watch as Jack tends to Sun's wound. ("The Package")

Later that night, the newly formed group of Jack, Ben, Ilana, Sun, Hurley, Miles, Richard, and Frank discussed the existence of the candidates. After Richard stormed off into the jungle, Ben revealed to Frank that Richard does not age. ("Ab Aeterno")

The next morning, Frank played cards with Miles in order to pass the time while they waited for Richard to return. When Ben professed his doubt that Richard would return, Ilana stated that Hurley would track him down. Miles joked that unless Richard was covered in bacon grease, Hurley would not be able to find him. Frank scolded Miles for bringing up bacon on a deserted island. After Sun's accident in the jungle, Frank watched as Jack treated her wound. When Miles asked if they were supposed to believe that Sun had suddenly forgotten English, Frank wittily said, "Asks the man who communes with the dead". ("The Package")

6x12 NahUhRichard

Frank refuses to join Richard. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")

After Ilana was killed while handling the dynamite she intended to use to destroy the Ajira plane, the group ventured to the Black Rock to get more. However, Hurley blew up the ship and its dynamite before the rest of the group got to it. An argument over whether or not to destroy the plane broke out, causing the group to split in two. Frank choose to side with Hurley, who wanted to visit the Man in Black, although later confided in Sun that he thought they were probably making a mistake. After getting the Man in Black's word that he wouldn't harm anyone, Hurley told Frank, Sun and Jack that it was safe to come out. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")

The Man in Black arranged for the group to split in two and rendezvous after Sawyer gets the Elizabeth, so they can confront Widmore on Hydra Island. However, Sawyer got Jack to separate Kate, Lapidus and Sun from the group and take them to a new rendezvous point, where they would head to The Hydra, without the Man in Black. They were joined by Claire when they boarded the Elizabeth. Sawyer tells Frank that the plan is to get in cozy with Widmore and take the sub to go home. Frank remarked that he likes the plan. At the Hydra Island, the group, apart from Jack, were confronted by Widmore's team at gunpoint. They lowered their weapons, when Zoe recognized Sawyer, who had a deal with them. However they were held at gunpoint again, after Zoe radioed Widmore and claimed the deal is off. ("The Last Recruit")

6x14 OhHellNo

"Aw, Hell." ("The Candidate")

Frank and the rest of the group were put into the bear cages, only to be rescued a short while later by Jack, and assisted by Sayid. Frank then led the rest of the group to the Ajira plane, only to find The Man in Black had gotten there first. After discovering the Ajira place was rigged with C4 explosive, the group, along with The Man in Black, decided to go for the submarine.

While on the submarine, Frank held the captain hostage while Jack, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Sayid, and Hurley attended to the wounded Kate. Unbeknown to Frank, The Man in Black had hidden the bomb in Jack's backpack. After the explosion, Frank came out to investigate. As he was coming down a long corridor, he turned to look at a creaking hatch to the side of him. The hatch suddenly gave way and slammed into him with tremendous force as water rushed in. ("The Candidate")

6x17 OffThatRock

Frank successfully escapes the Island aboard the Ajira plane. ("The End")

Presumed dead by the submarine survivors, Frank survived and made it to the ocean's surface, where he was found by Miles and Richard. After they told him about their plan of destroying the plane, Frank reminded them that he was a pilot and could fly the plane off the island, just as effectively stranding the Man in Black. They helped him repair the crashed Ajira plane, and Frank flew the plane off the island with Sawyer, Kate, Miles, Claire and Richard on board. ("The End")


  • Frank and Miles were the only 2 characters who debuted in Season 4 who are still alive at the end of the series.
  • Frank has worn his pilot outfit from "316" all the way to "The End", the whole time during his second visit to the Island.
  • Frank is one of only three Season 6 main characters whose fate has not been revealed in the flash-sideways world. Richard Alpert and The Man in Black are the other two, though since Richard would have died a natural death by 2004, and without the Island, MiB would have either not existed or also died a natural death, Frank is the only character who hypothetically could have been a part of the afterlife.
  • Frank is one of only eight members of the main cast who have not been given their own centric episode, the others being Charlotte, Ilana, Libby, Penny, Pierre, Christian, and Eloise.
    • Not counting Penny, and Eloise, who were only listed as main cast for the finale, Frank is the only main character to survive to the end of the series without having had a centric episode.
    • Unlike these he is also the only one to never experience any sort of flash while a main character, his only flashes being in seasons 4 and 5, Penny, Pierre, Christian and Eloise all appearing in the flash-sideways in their only time credited as a main character, Libby appearing in several non-centric flashes during her time, Ilana having a flash in the Richard-centric Ab Aeterno, and Charlotte being a main character in the shared science-team centric Confirmed Dead (one of the two episodes which featured flashes of Frank).
  • Frank is a New York Yankees fan, whereas Jack is a fan of the Boston Red Sox.
  • Frank's cosmetic injuries, minor dizziness, and situation mirror his counterpart pilot Seth Norris' initial condition upon arriving the Island.
  • Both Frank and Rose are from the Bronx.
  • Jeff Fahey was promoted to the main cast for Season 6 after appearing as a guest star in sixteen episodes over the course of two seasons.
  • Frank is the only living survivor of Flight 316 who has never been part of the DHARMA Initiative.
  • Frank is one of only two characters to escape the island twice, the other being Kate (whom he piloted off on both occasions).
  • Frank has spent the least amount of time on the Island out of all the main characters who are still alive at the end of the series. In December 2004, he piloted the helicopter from the Kahana to the Island three times and spent no more than a day on the Island each time, then in 2007, he landed Ajira Flight 316 on the Island and piloted the same plane off the Island 14 days later, a total of 17 days.
  • Frank is one of 13 main characters to not have their name appear in a soundtrack title.
  • Frank is one of nine male main characters alive at the end of the series, not counting the flash sideways.
  • Frank is one of the few main characters whose name wasn't seen on either Jacob's cave wall or the Lighthouse wheel, the others being Ana Lucia, Christian, Penny, Libby, Bernard, Eloise, Richard and Ilana.


  • Lapidus might be derived from the Latin word 'lapideus,' meaning 'made of stone.' (From the Latin word lapis, lapidis meaning stone.) It could also be derived from the Latin adjective 'lepidus' meaning pleasant or charming.
    • Lapis is a Latin word for stone, and "Lapidus" is sometimes used in the names of rocks, like "Lapidus Granite". Also, the Latin word became the word for pencil in Spanish (Lapiz). Lapis is a synonym for Latin petra, the source of the English name Peter and the French first name of Pierre Chang.
  • The third largest moon of Saturn is 'Iapetus' (named for a Titan in Greek mythology), and has dark/light sides producing a yin-yang visual effect (physically, as in dirty/clean from space dust and particles that form the newly discovered ring, 11/2009. It orbits within this ring, but in the opposing direction). Although the moon (and its corresponding titan) is spelled with an "i" and not an "L", the phenomenon of one morphing to the other in some way is not unknown in linguistics.
  • A "Rick Lapidus" is credited in the Exposé script. The name "Lapidus" was appreciated by Lost writer Edward Kitsis, who inserted the name onto the Exposé script and later insisted the character of the chopper pilot be given the name.
  • Marcus Lepidus was a Roman general and a member of the Second Triumvirate. He worked alongside Octavian and Mark Antony and had complete control of Roman Africa. Latin has been used frequently on Lost (e.g., on the blast door map). Lepidus is also a character in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar; Caesar is the name of the other Lost character who leads the passengers of the second crash.
  • A physician named Lapidus developed a technique for treating a condition of the big toe (bunions) caused by excessive bone growth.
  • Laputa is a fictional flying island from the book Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. It can be maneuvered by its inhabitants in any direction using magnetic levitation.
  • "Lapidus" could be from the Hebrew name Lapidoth, who was the husband of Deborah in the Hebrew (Torah) and Christian Bible. The Hebrew word lapid means "torch".
  • In Woody Allen's Sleeper, he is told that if he is captured by the government, his mind will be "electronically simplified". Allen replies: "Then I'll talk like Mr. Lapidus, who was struck by lightning."
  • Lapidus Popcorn Co. is credited as the provider of popcorn for the movie Real Genius. This creates a continued connection to Real Genius, which includes the casting of Jon Gries (Lazlo Hollyfeld in Real Genius / Roger Linus In Lost) and William Atherton (Prof. Jerry Hathaway in Real Genius and the Principal in Ben’s school in Lost)
  • Lapidus is a late-comer to the island, and when he responds to statements about all the previous drama and complexity that he was not a part of and doesn't understand, he is always very "frank". His comment, "This is the weirdest damn funeral I've ever been to," illustrates this.

Unanswered questions[]

  • Why was he not shown in the afterlife?
  • Was he a candidate?