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Francis Heatherton
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Knightsbridge, United Kingdom
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Lucy Heatherton - Daughter
Charlie's employer

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Francis Pryce Heatherton was the owner of the Heatherton Corporation, and father to Lucy Heatherton.

Charlie Pace briefly dated his daughter, Lucy Heatherton, so that he could steal from the Heathertons to cover the costs of his heroin. Unaware in the beginning of Charlie's intentions, Francis treated him as family, even employing him in his own company, the Heatherton Corporation, and buying him a new suit to wear for his first presentation. Francis revealed to the rocker one night that he had been in a band himself as a youth called The Protestant Reformation. Lucy broke up with Charlie after he became sick from heroin withdrawal while trying to sell a Heatherton C815 copier to a prospective buyer. Charlie had tried to steal an expensive, antique cigarette case from Francis to pay for his drugs, but this was found by the EMTs.


  • Lucy mentioned that her father was in some kind of negotiations with a paper company based in Slough. The UK comedy "The Office" is set in the offices of a paper company based in Slough.
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