After the crash of Flight 815, the survivors' main sources of food are fruit collected from the jungle, fish from the ocean, and leftover DHARMA food from the Swan or from the supply drop.

Foods gathered by the survivors[]


Charlie's fruit salad courtship of Claire. ("Par Avion")

The survivors have several sources of food, mainly protein and carbohydrates. The survivors consumed remaining airplane food ("Pilot, Part 1") until it ran out, and they resorted to hunter-gathering. ("Walkabout")


  • Meat: Pork from feral boars was generally hunted and killed by John Locke. (However, since filming with boars was found to be a production nightmare ("Lost: On Location (Season 1)"), boar has been deemphasized as part of the survivor's diet.).
  • Seafood: Including sea urchin, usually procured by Jin. He also obtained mussels, which can be pulled off the rocks at the beach. ("...In Translation")
  • Fish: Jin was seen chopping a fish on board The Elizabeth. The red fish was likely an Onaga, a deep-water fish unlikely to be caught off a sailboat. ("The Glass Ballerina")
  • Chicken: The Tailies successfully caught, killed and consumed a feral chicken. However, chickens have not been seen near the main camp. ("The Other 48 Days")
  • Eggs: Danielle is depicted in a deleted scene on the Season 1 DVDs as eating a raw egg, likely taken from a bird's nest.
  • Rabbits: Nathan and Bernard build a a trap designed to catch rabbits. ("The Other 48 Days")


  • Fruit: including plantains, bananas, mangos, passion fruit, guava, and papayas, often gathered by Kate.
    • Coconut: The survivors' nutrition is somewhat based on coconut milk and the flesh of the coconut.
    • Orange: Locke is seen eating an orange, though this may have been from the airplane. ("Pilot, Part 1")
    • Papayas: They seem to be plentiful on the Island and have become a staple for the Flight 815 survivors. ("...In Translation")
  • Garden plants: The contents of Sun's garden have not been specifically identified, but both herbs (which may be either medicinal and/or edible) and fruit tree saplings (specifically guava, passion fruit, and mango) have been mentioned. ("Hearts and Minds") Tomatoes were also grown in the garden and survived for three years without tending. ("The Package")

DHARMA-branded foods[]

The DHARMA Initiative provides a range of DHARMA-branded staples familiar to

Food storage 2x2

The Swan pantry.

consumers of a Western diet. This food, originally discovered in the Swan, was the source of a large feast. ("Everybody Hates Hugo") The survivors later obtained more DHARMA foods from a supply drop. ("Dave") Some of these foods have an unnaturally long shelf life, as the ranch dressing, at least, can last for seven years without refrigeration. Much of the food is labeled DI 9FFTR731.

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