"Follow the Leader" is an orchestral piece on the season 5 soundtrack. At seven minutes and fifty seconds, it was the longest soundtrack piece at the time of release.

Scene description

In 1977, Jack and Kate argue over his plan to detonate the bomb, and she leaves. Meanwhile, Miles and Hurley observe DHARMA's evacuation of the Island and Miles realizes his father only "abandoned" his family because he wanted to keep them safe. Sawyer and Juliet are imprisoned on the submarine and share a tender moment before taking one last look at the Island. Jack follows Richard under the water to the Tunnels. Eloise and Sayid join them, before setting off to find the bomb.

In 2007, "Locke" demands to speak to the Others and convinces them that Jacob has been ruling them for too long without anyone even knowing where he is. Richard speculates that Locke will be a problem, prompting Ben to remark "why do you think I tried to kill him?"


The piece begins with Jack's faith motif. It plays a short section of Miles's theme. Then Sawyer and Juliet's theme plays, ending immediately with Sawyer's theme. It then returns to Jack's faith motif, which later blends with the duel motif. The final movement begins with Locke's first theme before moving into Locke's fourth theme and ending with Locke's motif.

Title significance

It shares the title of the episode that features it.

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