"Fly By Dire"
6x17-Fly By Dire
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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

Fly By Dire" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. It plays during the finale.

Scene description

Sawyer runs back to his group and announces what he learned from his meeting with the Man in Black. Jack dismisses his warnings, and they march together toward the Heart.


The piece begins with the preparation motif. It moves to the destiny motif and ends with the second traveling theme.

Title Significance

The title of the song is a reference to a fly-by-wire system in an aircraft. Traditional aircraft systems are controlled by physical means: the pilot moves the flight controls, which subsequently moves physical components, such as cables, rods, or pulleys and creates movement in the correct place on the aircraft. Fly-by-wire, typically used in larger aircraft, instead replaces these physical means with electronic impulses for the ease of flight and maintenance. This title indicates that Sawyer is such a system, delivering a "dire" message from one source (the MiB) to another (Jack).