"Flash Forward Flashback" is an orchestral piece on the Season 3 soundtrack. Its four synthesized intervals play at the beginning of several meetings between Jack and Kate.

Scene description

A car drives up to meet Jack at the airport. Its driver steps out - it's Kate.

Kate comments on Jack's recent heroics during the car crash and jokes about his poor appearance. Jack hands her the newspaper clipping about Jeremy Bentham's death, but Kate says she would not go to the funeral. Jack tells her he often flies across the Pacific, hoping to crash again onto the Island.

Kate leaves to return to Aaron, and as Jack screams at her they must return to the Island, a plane flies low overhead.

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After introducing its new cue, the piece plays Kate's theme then plays Jack's theme for its remaining length.


The new cue from "Flash Forward Flashback" appears in "Closure" and "More Locke Than Locke".

Title significance

The name refers to how the scene, flashing to the future, was a twist on the show's familiar flashback format. This episode was the first to feature flash forwards.

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