Jin and Bernard fishing

Jin and Bernard fish ("Ji Yeon")

Many of the survivors often went fishing, both as a way to pass time, and also as a way to procure sustenance.

Off the Island


Jin's father, a fisherman ("D.O.C.")

In the 1960's, John Locke claimed that fishing was one of his favorite hobbies, but was admonished for this by his teacher Gellert, who believed that John's strengths lay in his academic talents. ("Cabin Fever")

Jin's father was a fisherman who raised Jin in the fishing village of Namhae, off the southern coast of Korea. This is presumably how Jin became adept at fishing, a skill set that he would later put into use on the Island. ("D.O.C.")

On the Island

5x16 Fishing

Jacob fishes using a trap. ("The Incident, Part 1")

The first person on the Island known to fish was Jacob, who spent one morning catching a fish with a homemade trap. He proceeded to filet and cook the fish. Due to the nature of tools used to catch the fish, it can be presumed that this was a routine for Jacob. ("The Incident, Part 1")

After the crash, fishing was commonly used as a way of gaining food. The first person to begin fishing was Jin, who offered his catches to many of the other survivors. Jin's most notable offering was that of sea urchin, which Hurley refused to eat. ("Pilot, Part 2")

Shannon manipulated Charlie into catching her a fish as a way to prove herself to her brother Boone. Charlie went to great lengths to procure the fish, and eventually managed to get one. ("Walkabout")

1x02 Fish

Jin offers fish to Hurley ("Pilot, Part 2")

Jin often used nets to catch fish, and at one point was asked by Hurley to help him catch a fish. Hurley's attempt was unsuccessful, however, because he stepped on a sea urchin. However, Jin later caught a fish and brought it to Hurley as a gift. ("Hearts and Minds")

The survivors of the tail section also employed fishing as well. At one instance, Libby and Cindy discovered a shipwrecked Jin while fishing off the coast of the Island. ("The Other 48 Days")

Bernard sometimes fished off the coast of the Island using the outrigger that Karl had brought to the beach. On one such trip, he brought Jin along. While fishing, he explained to Jin his relationship with Rose, and also revealed that Rose had once had cancer. This conversation convinced Jin to forgive Sun, whom he had recently learned was adulterous before coming to the Island. ("Ji Yeon")


  • In the novel Bad Twin, the character Captain Jocko runs a fishing boat.
  • Many fans believe that the fish Jacob caught in "The Incident, Part 1" was a red herring, however, herrings only become red after they are cooked.
    • A red herring is a literary device used to throw audiences off from the true path of the narrative in order to make plot twists more effective.

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