This is a list for the purpose of recording all of the characters' first and last lines throughout Lost. The first line in the series was Michael's, and the last belonged to John Locke.

  • Note - This list does not show the first words that characters speak in the chronological order of the story, but instead in the order that we hear them in the show's episodes.

Main Character first and last lines[]

Character First line Last line
1x01 FirstScene
Jack Shephard
"Hey you, just give me a hand! You, come on! Come over here, give me a hand!"
"Where are we going?"
Kate Austen
"To leave."
1x09 IslandOpen
Hugo Reyes
"Oh, you gotta be kidding me."
"Thanks, dude. I'll see you."
5x04 SeeingKate
James Ford
"Sure, it's monkeys. It's monkey island!"
"Good to see you too, Enos."
John Locke
"Hey! Hey, hey, hey, get away from there!
"We've been waiting for you."
4x01 SayidChoosesASide
Sayid Jarrah
"Hey, you. What's your name?"
4x07 LearningTheTruth
Jin-Soo Kwon
"내 옆에서 없어지면 안 돼. 내가 어디로 가든지 꼭 따라와. 알겠지? 다른 사람 신경쓰지 말고 우린 같이 있어야 돼." (You must not leave my sight. You must follow me wherever I go. Do you understand? Don't worry about the others. We need to stay together.)
"We'll see you there."
Sun-Hwa Kwon
"죄송해요. 저 영어 못 해요. 아 … 저, 제가 영어를 못 해요." ("I'm sorry. I'm not English. Oh ... Well, I do not speak English")
"It's okay. I am safe."
Claire Littleton
"Help! Please help me! Help me, please help me!"
"Look at me! This Island's made me crazy, I--I don't want Aaron to see me like this. I don't even know how to be a mother anymore."
4x01 TBOTE Hurley Charlie talk
Charlie Pace
"Me? Charlie."
"Hi, Aaron. Hey. Shh. It's okay... Hey, Aaron."
2x18 He'sNoOne
Benjamin Linus
"Help me. Hey, somebody here."
"And, you were a great number 1, Hugo."
4x08 TalkingToBen
Michael Dawson
"And Hurley, if you ever do see Libby again, tell her I'm very sorry."
Juliet Burke
"I burnt my hand...and my muffins."
"Kiss me, James!"
2x03 RememberingJack
"You alright, brother?"
"What about you, Jack?"
5x16 IWantYouDead
The Man In Black
"Hello, brother." (in the form of Yemi)
"You're too late."
4x13 What do i mean
Miles Straume
"Back up, handsome!"
"Way to wait until the last second, Jim."
Walter Lloyd
"Is that Vincent?"
Distress signal
Shannon Rutherford
"As if I'm going to start eating chocolate."
3x16 TimeFliesBy
Richard Alpert
"Thank you for taking the time to let us make our pitch, Dr. Burke. Mittelos Bioscience is based in Oregon. We're just outside of Portland. Uh, these shots might seem a little cheese-ball, but our people really are this happy. Now why? Because we're privately funded."
"We got 'em!"
4x02 FrankNoticesThePilot
Frank Lapidus
"Yeah, let me speak to your supervisor."
Boone Carlyle
"You sure?"
"Should I go get 'em?"
2x04 BernardLearnsOfRose
Bernard Nadler
"No, we're the survivors of flight 815!"
"I'm sorry."
2x19 TalkingToLocke
Rose Nadler
"Guess he really had to go."
"You don't have to go anywhere with him."
Normal exoduspart1-204
Ana-Lucia Cortez
"Tequila and tonic with a wedge of lemon. Why were you yelling? -- The girl, the check-in counter? You were yelling at her."
"Yeah, that's right. Nice not knowing you."
4x01 DanielFaraday
Daniel Faraday
"Are you Jack?"
"It's a great pleasure to meet you, Charlotte."
2x05 WhereTheyComeFrom
Libby Smith
"I'm Libby."
"You are? You mean, I'm not crazy?"
2x05 ShutUp
"Grab the rope. Please."
4x02 excavatingcharlotte
Charlotte Lewis
"How many different languages are there?"
"You, too."
Christian Shephard
"You wanna come in?"
"Let's go find out."
Chang Swan
Pierre Chang
"Welcome, I'm Dr. Marvin Candle, and this is the orientation film for Station 3 of the DHARMA Initiative. In a moment you'll be given a simple set of instructions for how you and your partner will fulfill the responsibilities associated with the station. But first, a little history."
"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. May I have your attention, please? Welcome to this very special benefit concert for the Golden State Natural History Museum. I'm Dr. Pierre Chang. Thank you. I think we have quite a special evening ahead of us. So, let's get to it, shall we? It is my pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Daniel Widmore accompanied by Drive Shaft."
5x07 JohnAndIlana
Ilana Verdansky
"Actually, she found us."
2x23 IsItAGoodbye
Penelope Widmore
"The landlord at your flat told me you ran here every day."
Eloise Hawking
"Never done this before, have you?"
"Are you going to take my son?"
3x14 NeverChange
Nikki Fernandez
"We need Jack."
3x04 Golfing
"What happened?"
"I was, afraid, of losing you. If you found the diamonds, you wouldn't need me any more."

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