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Characters:   Sam Thomas · Sonya · Tracey R · Sam's mother · Mr. Ockham · Oscar Talbot · Other...
Companies: Oceanic Airlines · The Maxwell Group · Austral Air
Locations: Sunda Trench · Black Rock

Real world news stickers

Find 815 LA sticker 1 LA Sticker

In Los Angeles, many promotional stickers with "" printed on them appeared on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard.

Find 815 LA sticker 2 sticker on Hollywood Boulevard

Billboard vandals found

The Ames Tribune reported that the source of the vandal who spray painted "" on the Oceanic billboard in Ames, Iowa had been found. Mary Porath of Lamar Advertising Company acknowledged that her company was responsible for the fictitious vandalism, and had been ordered to have it spray painted as part of the show. Full story

Sam's desk - email


Reply from Tracey R, subject "Watch it First Mate!"

You gave me nothing but crumbs with your "black rock" request. It could be anything! Do you know how many companies call themselves 'Black Rock'! They're invariably in finance, oil or real estate - all VERY macho. Then there's all the deserts, mountains, beaches and national parks around the world called 'Black Rock'. None of them link to the Christiane I as far as I can tell so I guess you could say I'm making progress.

Unfortunately, I've only had a marginally better time with this Talbot guy. It looks like your instincts (as usual) were right about his background. He comes from a wealthy East Coast, New England family with a sketchy history in the diamond trade. Unfortunately, young Oscar's slippery nature runs in the family - they're reclusive in a way only a LOT of money can buy. Kind of creepy actually. I'm not used to these sorts of dead-ends. Best I can do is they arrived in New England in 1908 from the English county of Somerset.

My advice? Steer clear.

Sorry I can't give you more. Don't worry, I haven't given up on "black rock" yet. I'm sure I'll get you something in the next few days.


PS - Holden sends big slobbery kisses.

  • Note - The subject was originally "you owe me big", but changed to "Watch it First Mate!" on January 10.

Video - Earhart broadcast

We see Sam relaxing in his quarters, thoughtfully gazing at the ring he was to give to Sonya. He then rises and goes to his desk to turn on the radio. While scrolling through the frequencies, he catches a strong signal: a news report detailing the circumstances of Amelia Earhart's disappearance, which seems to have been broadcast immediately afterwards (in 1937). Puzzled, he puts the radio back on the shelf and shuts off the light. At this point, the next clue hunt begins.

News report transcript

[male voice] "...And in news just ahead, it has been reported that all communications with aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart have been lost. Miss Earhart was en route from New Guinea to Howland Island as part of a daring round-the-world flight. A tireless advocate for the aeronautical industry, Miss Earhart was the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the first to cross it solo. She regarded aviation as a relatively safe form of travel that should be widely adapted. The last verified communication received by the United States Coast Guard was at 8:43AM today, and indicated that Miss Earhart's Lockheed Electra was low on fuel. A search is already underway by the Coast Guard. There are many reports from across the Pacific of communications picked up from Miss Earhart's plane, but these are yet to be authenticated [interference, end]..."

Clue hunt

Composite of Sam's room from the clue hunt

Sam's quarters

After the video, players can look around Sam's room aboard the Christiane I to find clues from each of the first three seasons of Lost. The clues are found by searching the room and clicking on the correct objects:

Season 1 clue

The Season 1 clue, pillar of smoke

Clicking on the picture on the bathroom wall reveals the Season 1 clue: pillar of smoke. In "Exodus, Part 2", a pillar of smoke appeared after Rousseau warned the mid-section survivors that the Others were coming.

Season 2 clue

The balloon, which was the Season 2 clue

Clicking on the picture box on the desk shelf (above right, underneath the lamp) reveals the Season 2 clue: balloon. In "One of Them", a man claiming to be Henry Gale was captured by Rousseau and claimed to have landed on the Island in a balloon. The balloon was found by Sayid, Ana Lucia, and Charlie in "Lockdown".

Season 3 clue

Season 3 clue, ping-pong

Clicking on the blue ping-pong paddles on the bookshelf above the bed reveals the Season 3 clue: ping-pong. In "Enter 77", the survivors found the ping-pong table from the remains of the Swan station.

Season 4 clue

After finding the clues for the first three seasons, players can now click on the notebook sitting on the bed. Doing so directs players to or Yahoo!7 (in Australia) to find the Season 4 clue word.

Black Rock Trivia

204x83 find815 01
Find 815 mini-game two ad at

On one of the network partner sites, players seek a Season 4 clue word by playing a game called Black Rock Trivia. To win, the player must listen to a voice message from Tracey R in which she gives Sam information about the Black Rock slave ship. Eight questions about the Black Rock are then given, and if all are answered correctly, the clue word is given. The clue word on was initially given as "423 Cheyenne Walk", but as of January 10, it changed to "423 Cheyne Walk". The clue word on the Australian partner site Yahoo!7 is "Daniel Faraday."

Tracey Black Rock message
Sam's phone with Tracey's message

Tracey's message to Sam:

Hey Sam. I wasn't sure if you'd get my email so I thought I'd leave a message. OK. The Black Rock. It was a slave ship that worked the black market in the late 1800's. It disappeared mysteriously in the South Indian Ocean in 1881. It was on its way back from a gold collecting expedition in Papua New Guinea. The ship was en route to Africa where the gold was to be illegally exchanged for slaves. Nice, huh? Anyway, apparently New Guinean traders claim the ship sailed away in an Easterly direction, not West, as it should have. And it was never seen again. From what I can make out there were 40 crew on board. And get this... after the "Black Rock" disappeared, no company claimed ownership of the vessel, probably because of its links to slave trading which was outlawed by then. Now while no direct ownership can be proved, what is known is that Black Rock left the Portsmouth docks from slip 23, and a group called the New World Sea Traders managed slips 18 through 27. The owner of New World Sea Traders was a former ship's captain by the name of Magnus Hanso and he would often captain numerous voyages each year - there's a possibility he was in charge of the Black Rock on that last voyage. OK, hope that's useful. Still don't know what all this has to do with anything but I trust you know what you're doing. See ya.

Questions and answers

Players are given a random selection of eight of the following questions:

  • What year did the Black Rock disappear?
  • Where was the Black Rock headed?
  • From where was Black Rock returning?
    Papua New Guinea
  • How many crew were on board?
  • What sort of ship was the Black Rock?
    Slave Ship
  • What sort of expedition was the Black Rock returning from?
    Gold collecting expedition
  • What docks did the Black Rock leave from?
  • What slips did the alleged owners of the Black Rock manage?
    18 to 27
  • What direction did the Black Rock leave Papua New Guinea?
  • In what ocean did the Black Rock supposedly disappear?
    South Indian
  • What company is alleged to have owned the Black Rock?
    New World Sea Traders
  • What slip number did the Black Rock leave from?
  • Who is rumoured to have captained the Black Rock on its last voyage?
    Magnus Hanso

Black Rock Trivia at


Penny's number

The Season 4 clue - Penny's phone number

Returning to, the player can enter the Season 4 clue word ("423 Cheyne Walk" or "Daniel Faraday") to reveal the Season 4 bonus clue: Penny's number. The phone number is 020 7946 0893. Although this looks to be a UK telephone number in London, it is an unassigned number (Ofcom specifies that numbers beginning with 020 7946 0 are for drama purposes [1]).

This day in summary

  • Sam learns from Tracey that Talbot comes from a reclusive, wealthy east coast US family with a sketchy history in the diamond trade.
  • Sam comes across a mysterious radio transmission regarding the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.
  • Via the clue hunt, players learn several clues and clue words: pillar of smoke, balloon, ping-pong, "423 Cheyne Walk", "Daniel Faraday", and Penny's number, 020 7946 0893.

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