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On this day

Sam sends an e-mail to Tracey R thanking her for the info on the Christiane I. He also mentions that he is in Darwin at the moment and asks her if she could find out more about the significance of "black rock".

E-mail to Tracey

Sam mail2tracey2

Sam's second e-mail to Tracey

Sam's sent e-mail folder contains the following message:
E-Mail to Tracey R Subject: Another favour

Nice work on Christiane I. Shipwrecks 'r' us, huh? I think I've got an idea of where it might be headed. Believe it or not I'm in Darwin waiting for the connecting flight to Jakarta. Hope I don't miss the boat as they say.

Got another one for you. I tried to sort this before I left but couldn't find anything that made sense. This might seem a little cryptic but I need you to find out what you can on 'black rock' and how it might connect to the Christiane I or its expedition. I know, I know! It's not much but I have faith in you, Trace. You were always better at this sort of thing than me. You've got the patience ;).

I'm sure this makes about as much sense to you as it does to me - just trust me when I say it's important. You don't need to worry, I'm fine. In fact, I've started a video diary like you suggested. You were right. It helps. I think I just ramble really, don't make much sense. But that's not the point right?

I don't know what email is like where I'm going (hard enough to get online even here in Darwin). You can try me on sat phone if there's any doubt.

Take care. Give Holden a pat for me.


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