This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
Find 815
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Characters:   Sam Thomas · Sonya · Tracey R · Sam's mother · Mr. Ockham · Oscar Talbot · Other...
Companies: Oceanic Airlines · The Maxwell Group · Austral Air
Locations: Sunda Trench · Black Rock

Video: activity intro

Ockham lowers the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) into the ocean to a depth of 500 meters and Sam takes the controls.

[The crew on the Christiane I is lowering an ROV into the sea. As Ockham counts of the depth in metres, Sam sits at the controls and looks at the ring he was to give Sonya.]
OCKHAM: 450. 460. 470. 480. 490. 500 metres. Hold it there. OK. Switch to the ROV.
[Talbot walks in]
TALBOT: Proceed.
OCKHAM: Disengage ROV. Hit the lights. Just remember, the batteries only last 30 minutes. So no sightseeing.
SAM: Got it.
OCKHAM: Let's see if your good luck can find Black Rock.

Activity: "Find Black Rock"

Piloting the ROV

One successful path

An activity entitled "Find Black Rock" then begins, in which one must pilot the ROV through a series of 10 waypoints in under 3 minutes or else the battery of the ROV will run out.

If unsuccessful

As Sam struggles to find anything, Ockham states that Sam's luck has run out.

If successful

Oceanic airplane tailfin


Oscar Talbot on the newscast

Ockham is impatient and agitated, but Sam insists on sweeping the search grid again. Oscar Talbot quickly agrees with Sam, who continues to search. Then he spots something; not a ship, but instead the tailfin of a plane. As more becomes visible, it is apparent that this is an Oceanic jet. Sam quietly proclaims that this is Oceanic 815. As Ockham looks on with an expression of surprise, and Talbot mysteriously conceals his faint satisfaction, Sam breaks down in tears.

(A Season 4 premiere advertisement shows with the traditional Lost titlecard.)

The voice of the newscaster is heard stating that Oceanic Flight 815 has just been found "accidentally" by the Christiane I in the Indian Ocean. The news reporter also makes note of Sam, mentioning that in a bizarre coincidence, he was on the ship when the discovery was made, and that he is unavailable for comment with regard to the tragic loss of his partner. Talbot then appears as the spokesperson for the salvage mission, expressing pseudo-sincere sympathy for Sam. As before, Sam is watching the newscast as it occurs, holding Sonya's engagement ring.

OCKHAM: For god's sake, come on. It's a waste of time and money.
SAM: Just let me recalibrate and I'll sweep the grid again.
TALBOT: Good idea.
OCKHAM: You're chasing phantoms. There's nothing there.
SAM: We will find it!
OCKHAM: Look, I've had a gut full of you. You're 200 miles from land and about 3 seconds from being left for fish food! [over the CB] Prepare to retrieve.
[Sam spots something on the monitor]
SAM: There! [as the ROV gets closer] There...
OCKHAM: That's not a ship.
SAM: It's Oceanic 815.
[The ROV reveals the Oceanic logo on the tailfin]
[The Lost title card appears with an advertisement for the Season 4 premiere]
[Sam sits at home watching a newscast about the discovery of Flight 815. He starts to take items down from the map on the wall. He then takes notice as Talbot is interviewed, looking on as if stunned with a realization.]
NEWS REPORTER: The missing Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 was located in what appears to be a chance discovery by a salvage vessel, the Christiane I, working in the Indian Ocean. The expedition was in search of an ancient shipwreck reportedly located off the coast of Indonesia. Instead they found Flight 815. The National Transport Safety Board has set up a hotline for families of the victims. In a sad coincidence, it is being reported that Sam Thomas, a former Oceanic employee, whose partner was on Flight 815, was working aboard the Christiane I at the time of the discovery. Sympathies have flooded in for Mr. Thomas, but he has been unavailable for comment. A spokesperson for the expedition, Oscar Talbot, has expressed deep shock at the turn of events, but hoped that the discovery might help bring some closure to the families of the victims.
TALBOT: Sam joined the expedition because he wanted to get away from things for a while, at least that's how he put it to me, and looking back, that's clear to me now that he was grieving. He had studied every aspect of the plane in the hope of finding out what... what might have happened, and in an extraordinary twist of fate he had his answer.

Chapter 5 complete

The "My Progress" tab now shows Chapter 5 to be complete.


Oceanic television ad

The wreckage shown in the ad

Following the U.S. broadcast of "The Beginning of the End" during the broadcast of Eli Stone, there was a television commercial for Oceanic Airlines. They announced the introduction of the golden pass, which lets customers fly anywhere at anytime, and directed those interested to Flyoceanicair.com. During the commercial, there are three quick edits of Sam Thomas in which he says, "We can't trust these people", "Oceanic Flight 815", and "We found it". There was also a quick shot of the ROV's view of the underwater wreckage. In some frames of the ad, the text "Find815.com" appeared buried in static.

WOMAN 1: The adventure of a lifetime awaits you. Oceanic Airlines will take you places ...
WOMAN 2: ... you've only imagined in your wildest dreams.
WOMAN 3: Now Oceanic Airlines is excited to announce your chance to get the Golden pass. It lets you fly anywhere in the world anytime you want as many times as you want. To find out how to get yours go to ...
SAM THOMAS: We can't trust these people.
WOMAN 3: ...so be sure to enter.
SAM THOMAS: Oceanic Flight 815.
WOMAN 3: It's super-easy, the rules are simple.
SAM THOMAS: We found it.
WOMAN 3: Oceanic Airlines Golden Pass. Your ultimate passport to paradise and beyond.

The-Maxwell-Group.com website

The-maxwell-group.com updated with a link to the Oscar Talbot interview

Following the Season 4 premiere broadcast, The Maxwell Group's website updated to include a media release about their discovery of Oceanic Flight 815 in the Sunda Trench. A link is provided to a radio interview in which Oscar Talbot speaks about the discovery. (Read transcript)

The-maxwell-group.com updated with a new logo