This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
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Characters:   Sam Thomas · Sonya · Tracey R · Sam's mother · Mr. Ockham · Oscar Talbot · Other...
Companies: Oceanic Airlines · The Maxwell Group · Austral Air
Locations: Sunda Trench · Black Rock

Video - recap

This video summarizes events that have occurred so far in the game.

Video - activity intro

Sam tells Mr. Ockham about the coordinates, reminding him that Talbot is concealing the truth from them.

[In the engine room, Ockham looks at the coorinates that Sam has written down]
SAM: We're within range today. It's the only chance we'll get for the next three weeks.
OCKHAM: Where's you get this?
SAM: His cabin. That night you broke us up.
OCKHAM: Well if this is Black Rock, why doesn't he just go straight to it?
SAM: Like I said, he's not telling us everything.
OCKHAM: Is that supposed to be breaking news?
SAM: Well, what sort of deal have you got with him?
OCKHAM: He pays for three months at sea.
SAM: Whether you find Black Rock in one or ninety days?
OCKHAM: It's the standard deal if I don't get a cut of what he finds.
SAM: Then that, can triple your money.
OCKHAM: What's in it for you?
SAM: Answers.
[Ockham thinks for a moment]
OCKHAM: We'd need to cover our tracks.
[In the bridge, Sam loads the coordinates into the chart plotter using his hacking software. He shows Ockham the flash drive he used]
OCKHAM: I don't wanna know.
[They hear Talbot approaching]
OCKHAM: Alright, the coordinates are programmed. Follow the ship's directions, I'll cover. Mr. Talbot. Can I have a word?
[They leave, and Sam starts navigating the ship. He sees a warning on the radar: "REEF WARNING - COLLISION IMMINENT"]

Activity - "Navigate the Reef"


The sonar on the boat


The complete map with simplest route

The player must navigate the Christiane I safely to the coordinates.

Sam must navigate a treacherous reef with unpredictable currents to reach the mysterious coordinates.


Navigate the Christiane I to the coordinates without hitting the reef.

The Christiane I is the green dot in the middle of the screen (your position).

The green areas represent the reef. If the ship hits the reef then the Christiane I will sink.

The pulsing dot on the edge of the sonar represents the direction of the coordinates (your target).

Use the left and right arrows keys to steer the ship. Hold down the forward key to go faster (let go to slow down again).

Beware of the changing ocean currents that will influence the direction of the ship.

HINT - you will have to steer away from the coordinates to get through the reef safely. Beware of dead ends.

Video - if you lose

Sam feels a jolt as the collision alert sounds on the computer. He knows he is doomed.

Video - if you win

[Ockham and Talbot come up to the bridge, and Ockham flips a switch]
SAM: Hey, hey what are you doing?
OCKHAM: He knows we've changed course. [Taking control of the wheel] I should have never listened to you.
TALBOT: The coordinates you found in my cabin are insignificant, Sam. Everyday, Magnus Hanso, the captain of the Black Rock, recorded the ship's position in a journal. My employers have that journal. Our search grid is based on it. Dozens of position logs throughout the Sunda Trench. What makes you think this one is any more inportant?
SAM: [approaching Ockham] I was given those coordinates by The Maxwell Group. His employers.
OCKHAM: Oh, you found them in his cabin?
TALBOT: I don't know what he's talking about.
SAM: You're lying! They told me to come here.
TALBOT: Sam, my employers have never made mention of you. How did they contact you?
SAM: Via email. By coded email. They sent a picture of my fiancee with a hidden message inside. It said "Sunda Trench", "Black Rock". They sent me streams of numbers that I had to decipher just to get those coordinates.
OCKHAM: You put my business at risk. You put my boat at risk! What, for that?
TALBOT: Gentlemen, I suggest we return to the agreed sarch plan. I'm willing to put this incident behind us. Sam? Agreed?
SAM: Ockham.
TALBOT: Mr. Ockham...
SAM: I'm not lying.
TALBOT: Turn the ship around.
SAM: No!
[There is a beeping on the radar]
OCKHAM: Mr. Talbot. I think we've found Black Rock.

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