This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
Find 815
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Characters:   Sam Thomas · Sonya · Tracey R · Sam's mother · Mr. Ockham · Oscar Talbot · Other...
Companies: Oceanic Airlines · The Maxwell Group · Austral Air
Locations: Sunda Trench · Black Rock

Video diary

Sam expresses his confusion regarding more cryptic messages from The Maxwell Group.

Find 815 Chapter 4

Find 815 Chapter 4.5 - video diary

I cannot pin Talbot down. One minute I'm way ahead of the guy, and the next it's like he's reading my mind. I checked out those coordinates and sure enough, they're within the search grid. But then Talbot found the piece of paper that I'd written on and then he wanted to know where I got them. I told him, The Maxwell Group. He just smiled. He said you don't know what you're dealing with. Well, he's got that right, I have absolutely no idea. I don't know who this Maxwell Group is. I don't know what they do, why they do it and who they do it to. Oh, and their last email; you see, now they're just toying with me. This time they used a different code, and when you decipher it, it says "Love you madly". Sonya and I would say that all the time. Why send it? Is it supposed to help? Make me feel better? Of course not, it's supposed to mess with my head. I dunno, I dunno. Maybe it's supposed to spur me on, make me remember Sonya. Well thank you very much, but I don't need any help. She's all that I think about. In a couple of days it'll be our eighth anniversary. So, I know it's crazy, I know I can't trust these people, but if they want me to find Black Rock, then that's what I'm gonna do. I have to get to those coordinates. And if I do, maybe they'll get me what I want.

Video frames

The video contained several hidden images from an 1861 James Clerk Maxwell paper titled "On Physical Lines of Force", originally published in the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science. (PDF file) The images were of an intermediate equation describing directional magnetic force per unit of volume. At the end of the video diary, another image thanked the viewer for watching carefully.

Chapter 4 complete

The My Progress tab, indicating a completed chapter.

By examination of the "My Progress" tab, all tasks for Chapter 4 have been completed.

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