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Video - strange lights


The lights that Sam saw

Sam is walking along the deck of the Christiane I at night when he notices what appears to be aurora lights out at sea. He grabs a pair of binoculars to take a closer look and is left confused.

Clue hunt

Ship's lounge

After the video, players must look around the ship's lounge to find clues from each of the first three seasons of Lost. The clues are found by searching the room and clicking on the correct objects:

Season 1 clue


The Season 1 clue, "Vincent the dog"

Clicking on the picture at the top of the commode below the television reveals the Season 1 clue: "Vincent the dog". In "Tabula Rasa", Locke was able to find Vincent using a whistle he had made, and allowed Michael to bring the dog back to his son Walt.

Season 2 clue


The Season 2 clue, "Swan"

Clicking on the bowl of cards on the table reveals the Season 2 clue: "Swan". Starting in "Man of Science, Man of Faith", the survivors ventured down into the hatch, eventually discovering that it was a scientific laboratory operated by the DHARMA Initiative called the Swan station.

Season 3 clue


The Season 3 clue, "Parachute"

Clicking on the picture next to the television reveals the Season 3 clue: "Parachute". In "Catch-22", Desmond had a series of flashes which led him to take a group of survivors to find a woman who parachuted onto the Island.

Season 4 clue

After finding the clues for the first three seasons, players can now click on the pill bottle above the First Aid Kit. Doing so directs players to or Yahoo!7 (in Australia) to find the Season 4 clue word.

Puzzle: "Pinpoint the Coordinates"

Coordinates game

Narrowing down the coordinates

On one of the network partner sites, players seek a Season 4 clue by playing a game called "Pinpoint the Coordinates". To win, players must place markers on a coordinates map in order to determine the location of five points, one per level. You begin with five map markers. With each point you place, you lose one map marker for the next level. You may restart the map with no penalties if you run out of map markers. The clue word revealed after completion is "Frank Lapidus" on, and "Miles Straume" on Yahoo!7 (Australia).

Season 4 bonus clue


The Season 4 bonus clue, "Santa Rosa pill bottle"

Returning to, players can enter the Season 4 clue word ("Frank Lapidus" or "Miles Straume") to reveal the Season 4 bonus clue: "Santa Rosa pill bottle".

Serial number

On the bottle is printed a serial number:

10 19 4 4 1 5 8 5 19 21
23 13 4 21 11 13 6 7 20

Using a substitution code (1=A, 2=B, etc.) results in:


Taken backwards, it starts with "USE HEAD", an indication to proceed further on that track. The entire backwards phrase can be put through a Caesar shift cipher with an offset of eight, resulting in the phrase "campmillar bonusclue". Camp Millar is a location in Svalbard, which is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean north of mainland Europe, about midway between Norway and the North Pole.

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