This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
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Characters:   Sam Thomas · Sonya · Tracey R · Sam's mother · Mr. Ockham · Oscar Talbot · Other...
Companies: Oceanic Airlines · The Maxwell Group · Austral Air
Locations: Sunda Trench · Black Rock

Video diary

Well, I'm still here. I couldn't convince the captain to let me off, so it looks as though I'm in for the long haul. Mind you, I think it may be worth hanging around - a few things could come up. I now know that Talbot is working for The Maxwell Group - the same people who have been sending me these emails. Unfortunately, it seems that no one told Talbot I was joining the expedition. He won't be telling me what he knows any time soon. But at least I know I'm on the right track. Speaking of which, I finally worked out what those cryptic emails were about. See, within all those numbers were coordinates - longitude and latitude. I don't know where they point to yet but I'll check it out on Talbot's chart plotter. I mean, I'll have to hack in, but that'll be a piece of cake. Sonya would hate all this sneaking around. She always liked things out in the open. If something was on her mind, she'd want to bring it up. And she expected me to do the same, which I hated. I mean, sometimes you just don't know what's on your mind. I suppose it brought me out of my shell. I just miss her. Having her there to talk to. Get things off my chest. But it's been good... good to have something to do. You know, less thinking. Yeah. Anyway, I'd better get back to work.

Video frames


One of the frames of video in the diary shows braille characters. A clue was later found on January 21 that, when used in conjunction with the braille, led to the correct password for opening the stegosaurus image from January 17 in the OpenStego program.


Another frame shows a scrambled, color inverted image of James Clerk Maxwell, who previously appeared in a search in Sam's web browser.

Chapter 3 complete


The My Progress tab, indicating a completed chapter

By examination of the "My Progress" tab, all tasks for Chapter 3 have been completed.

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