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Characters:   Sam Thomas · Sonya · Tracey R · Sam's mother · Mr. Ockham · Oscar Talbot · Other...
Companies: Oceanic Airlines · The Maxwell Group · Austral Air
Locations: Sunda Trench · Black Rock

Video - A Disturbance

The electrical equipment behaving strangely.

Sam is reminiscing on the deck when he hears strange noises emanating from the bridge below. He investigates, finding the various computerized navigational instruments flashing and making odd noises. The strange activity ceases after a few seconds when he decides to press a button on one of the instruments (a decision which the player makes by clicking one of these devices).

Note: The disturbance resembles that of magnetic origin, perhaps a reference to the unexplained anomalies mentioned in the Sunda Trench webpages on Sam's browser.

Find 815 Chapter 3

Find 815 Chapter 3.3 - clue hunt intro

Clue hunt

Composite of the bridge from the clue hunt.

The bridge

After the video, players must look around the bridge of the Christiane I to find clues from each of the first three seasons of Lost. The clues are found by searching the room and clicking on the correct objects:

Season 1 clue

The Season 1 clue, Virgin Mary.

Located behind the steering wheel in the far right screen, players can click on the Season 1 clue: "Virgin Mary". In "Deus Ex Machina", Boone came across Virgin Mary statues when he climbed up to the drug smugglers' plane, and they were found to be packed with bags of heroin. Charlie, a former addict, later grabbed a statue for himself in "Exodus, Part 2"

Season 2 clue

The Season 2 clue, 108.

Clicking on the stopwatch hanging on the wall located in the far left screen reveals the Season 2 clue: "108". Throughout Season 2, the Number 108 showed up many times, notably on the countdown timer and in the Swan mural.

Season 3 clue

The Season 3 clue, submarine.

Clicking on the model submarine above the desktop computer in the far left screen reveals the Season 3 clue: "Submarine". In "The Man from Tallahassee", Locke blew up the submarine just before Jack and Juliet were to leave the Island.

Season 4 clue

After finding the clues for the first three seasons, players can now click on the newspaper on the far right screen. Doing so directs players to or Yahoo!7 (in Australia) to find the Season 4 clue word.


A silhouette of Sonya can be seen on the open door of the Bridge. Above it is some illegible text. More illegible text can be seen on the furthest left hand panel. The word and picture spacing seems to indicate that this is a superimposition of the email Sam received from an unknown contact at The Maxwell Group on 12/31/07.

Puzzle - "Talbot's Search"

204x83 815 talbotssearch 01
Find 815 mini-game three ad at

On one of the network partner sites, players seek a Season 4 clue by playing a game called "Talbot's Search". To win, the player must plot a course through various waypoints by taking every delineated path exactly once. The clue word revealed after completion is "36-15-28" on, and "Charlotte Lewis" on Yahoo!7 (Australia).


Plotting a course in the search grid.

Sam has been instructed to plot an unbroken course through Talbot's search grid without taking the same path twice.

Click on two waypoints (the yellow dots) to plot a course between them. The course through the search grid must be complete and unbroken.

There are three search grids to complete.

HINT - watch carefully when each search grid loads for a hint about where to start.

Season 4 bonus clue

The Season 4 clue, "Tunisian newspaper."

Returning to, players can enter the Season 4 clue word ("36-15-28" or "Charlotte Lewis") to reveal the Season 4 bonus clue: "Tunisian Newspaper". The newspaper is in French, and not all the text is visible:

Le Journal de Tunisie

Vol 815 : les dirigeants d'Oceanic maintiennent leur décision

La compagnie aérienne américaine Oceanic maintient sa décision d'abandonner les recherches du vol 815. Le boeing 777 est porté disparu depuis le 22 septembre. 324 passagers étaient à bord de ce vol, dont on a perdu la trace entre Sydney, en Australie, et Los Angeles. Ni épave ni survivants n'ont été retrouvés. Selon les dirigeants de la compagnie Oceanic, malgré tous leurs efforts, dont une vague opération de recherches à travers --


The Tunisia Newspaper

Flight 815 : Oceanic Directors Hold to Their Decision

American airline company Oceanic is holding to its decision to give up the search for flight 815. The Boeing 777 went missing on September 22. 324 passengers were on board the flight, which trace has been lost between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles. No wreckage or survivors have been found. According to the directors of the company Oceanic, despite all of their efforts, including some search operation through--

Clues as coordinates

Off the coast of Tunis
The location of the clues taken as coordinates, offshore of Tunisia.

When 36-15-28 is used as coordinates for latitude with 11-22-36 as the longitude, the result is offshore of Tunisia. 11-22-36 may be derived from the sequence "A A B B C F C" found in Find 815 clues/January 15.

This day in summary

  • Sam finds the electronic equipment from the bridge area of the Christiane I to behaving very erratically.
  • Via the clue hunt, players learn several clues and clue words: "Virgin Mary", "108", "submarine", "36-15-28", Charlotte Lewis, and "Tunisian newspaper".

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