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Find 815
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Characters:   Sam Thomas · Sonya · Tracey R · Sam's mother · Mr. Ockham · Oscar Talbot · Other...
Companies: Oceanic Airlines · The Maxwell Group · Austral Air
Locations: Sunda Trench · Black Rock


The following text appears in the "Story So Far" tab:

Sam's desire to leave the Christiane I at the next port comes across an unexpected obstacle, leaving him curious about the identity of Talbot's employers.

  • Previously, this text could be found prematurely by setting your computer's clock to some point when Chapter 3 would be available.

Video - Chapters 1 and 2 recap

There is a video briefly summarizing what has happened so far in the story.


SAM: My name is Sam Thomas. My partner Sonya was onboard Flight 815. I received a coded message in a photograph from a group called Maxwell. I'm going to hitch a ride aboard a salvage boat.
OCKHAM: Welcome aboard.
SAM: The Christiane I's mission is to search for a sunken slave trading ship called the Black Rock.
TALBOT: My employers know all there is to know about you and your crew Mr. Ockham but Sam here is a mystery.
SAM: Like I said I'm just looking to get away from it all.
TALBOT: Get away or run away?
SAM: I think I have made a big mistake.

Video - stuck on Christiane I

Sam asks Ockham to let him off the Christiane I at Christmas Island. Ockham tells him that he will be stuck on the ship for a while, as Talbot has him sticking to a narrow search grid to look for Black Rock. Sam finds out from Ockham that Talbot is funded via a syndicate, but that is the extent of his knowledge of the expedition's financial backers. Sam then goes to another part of the ship, and watches Talbot leave his quarters. After he has left, Sam enters Talbot's room.


[Sam approaches Ockham, who is inspecting equipment on the Christiane I]
SAM: We'll be passing Christmas Island soon. That's Australian Territory, so just drop me off there.
OCKHAM: We miss Christmas Island by 150 miles. Incidentally, that's as close as you'll get to Christmas this year. We dock in Jakarta early January. Better let your folks know you won't be back for the holidays.
SAM: So there's no way off?
OCKHAM: Well, you could start a mutiny. But unless your pockets are as deep as Talbot's, I wouldn't bother.
SAM: Oh great.
OCKHAM: Look, I'm contracted to scan within a search grid. If I step outside that grid, Talbot's gonna know. So I stay inside it. 'Cause if I do, we'll find Black Rock. When I do, Talbot will pay me. When he does, I can pay some bills. Which right now, is a lot more important to me than your itinerary.
SAM: So where does Talbot get his deep pockets from?
OCKHAM: A syndicate.
SAM: You mean you don't know.
OCKHAM: Anonymity's not uncommon in marine salvage. It allows investors to plunder heritage sites without spoiling anyone's reputation. Except mine.
SAM: But don't you want to know what you're getting involved in? [Ockham doesn't respond.] I guess not.
OCKHAM: Oi! Shift starts at 3 AM. Sharp.
[Sam goes to another part of the ship, and then watches Talbot leave his quarters. After he has left, Sam enters Talbot's room.]

Activity - search Talbot's room

Oscar Talbot's room on the Christiane I

Talbot's phone

The code to the briefcase

The player is shown Talbot's quarters. By obtaining several clues, the player finds a briefcase protected by a six-digit combination lock. Upon solving the combination, the next video clip is shown.

Sam wants to find out the identity of Talbot's employers. He only has a few minutes to search the cabin before Talbot returns.

Instructions: Explore Talbot's cabin by clicking on any items you think might help reveal who he works for.

You have 5 minutes to uncover Talbot's secret.

HINT - some items will need to be used with others, so examine the room carefully.

Procedure Outline

Turn on the light by clicking the light switch on the far left wall.
Open the right-side cabinet over the desk and take the phone charger.
Take the key from under the pillow on the bed to the left and use it in the second desk drawer.
Remove phone and wallet, take key from wallet.
Use second key to open foot locker. Inside is a briefcase.
Plug the phone charger into the outlet on the desk, and the phone into the charger. The following numbers are listed:

(Note: it is possible these numbers may vary by region.)
L. Allan - 259 773 821
J. Brooks - 259 320 555
M. Duffield - 259 534 890
J. Graf - 259 826 612
M. Griffin - 259 654 238
N. Hammond - 259 125 436
A. Harris - 259 274 022
J. Hogendorn - 259 472 025
C. McCulloch - 259 934 885
P. Manera - 259 843 701
C. Morrow - 259 845 002
A. Mullins - 259 852 930
R. Owen - 259 465 789
M. Smerdon - 259 194 032
T. Sullivan - 259 731 903
S. Vagg - 259 124 093

The briefcase has the initials A.M.M. on it. By comparing this to the phone names, one can deduce that A.M.M. corresponds with "A. Mullins" and from there break the code using the last six original digits for that name. '852 930' in the six-digit combination lock consequently initiates the "win" video.
(Note: it is possible the correct code may vary by region.)


Video - if you lose

Talbot enters the room and discovers Sam as he searches, thus prompting Talbot to ask, "What the hell are you doing in here?".


Video - if you win

The confidential file from Talbot's briefcase

Sam opens Talbot's briefcase and discovers a confidential research brief from The Maxwell Group entitled 'Proposed Salvage of "The Black Rock" Shipwreck'. The file shows that The Maxwell Group is a division of Widmore Industries. As Sam leaves the room, Talbot sees him and questions why he was in there. Sam says he was just closing the door for him. Talbot accuses Sam of looking for something, suggesting that it is something other than the Black Rock. As Ockham comes near, Talbot says that he doesn't believe Sam is an asset to the expedition.


[Inside Talbot's room, Sam opens the briefcase and finds a confidential research brief from The Maxwell Group entitled "Proposed Salvage of 'The Black Rock' Shipwreck".]
SAM: Maxwell.
[He puts it away, and just as he leaves the room, Talbot sees him.]
TALBOT: What were you doing in there?
SAM: Your door was open. I was, uh...
TALBOT: What were you doing?
SAM: You left your door open. I was closing it for you. Look Talbot, I think we got off on the wrong foot.
TALBOT: What were you looking for?
SAM: I told you. I never went inside.
TALBOT: You were looking for something.
SAM: I'm not looking for anything.
TALBOT: Oh yes you are Sam. But it's not Black Rock is it?
[Ockham comes near.]
Ockham: Everything alright?
TALBOT: Sam was just leaving. [Sam begins to leave.] Some people think you're an asset to this expedition. I'm not one of them. Stay out of this room.
[Sam leaves.]

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